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Cruel Intentions horrible company
Management (Ancien employé) –  Regina, SK15 juin 2019
This is not a good company. Extremely un professional with non educated management. Who do not practice what they preach! It’s a cut throat business with the company ready to lie to you around all corners. Famous words it’s your business in the business. And you will be treated as so with zero respect to your personal life and your compliance even when you strive for excellence you will never be good enough. Women are treated very much differently then men are in management. And your pay scale will reflect that. If you are ready and willing to be walked over and treated like you don’t matter then this is the job for you. To be over worked with no sympathy to your personal health. Get ready to work 15 plus hours a day and never be compensated and made for it to be turned around on you that you are not good enough. This company is terrible and full of lies and deceit. The famous rule of their code of ethics is a joke maybe upper management should comply to instead of pretending they follow their code of ethic that is only words not even remotely close to being held with honour and followed. I can never support such a horrible company like Co-op now that I’ve seen the inside of their company and the lies that are stacked so high on top of each other it’s disturbing to know that people are lead to believe this is a good company. Beware of you next move to working in management with-in Co-op.
Points positifs
Management benefits paid fully by company
Points négatifs
Hours -pay-lies-made to feel less of a person
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