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Package Handler67 avis
Canada67 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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avantage scolaire, possibilité de faire les heures supplémentaires.

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fin de mois repas gratuit

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heure contraignant
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Fast but hard job activités

It's a great place to work except that some times you need to carry packages that are more than 50 lbs by your selfManagers are friendlyCoworkers help a lot an motivatePay is average for the kind of job is done

Points positifs

Flexible time, job advancement

Points négatifs

Sometime it's hard
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I wouldn't Work here

They cut down the hours any chance they can for managers personal benefit, so you're on site and when there's down time and you're waiting for work they make you go off the clock while you're waiting for work. Depends on who your manager is. Disrespectful, double standards, unnecessarily stressful. Some managers get into your personal business and there's limited recall through HR. Seems everyone is covering for each other.

Points positifs

the work itself is pretty enjoyable

Points négatifs

the worst communication and management I've ever seen
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Hard labour

The company is a good company. However, there are lot of confusion, conflicts and problems. I personally like working there, but many of the people are problematic. They are a tough bunch and unfortunately management has been rewarding bad behaviour of many.

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Fee pizza, yes!

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Loading and unloading and scanning boxes verifying staging

I was ask if I can lift 30 to 50 pounds I have work at FedEx Ground for almost 8years and I'm happy with my work. I love working at this company with all the benefits that comes with it

Points positifs

No free lunch

Points négatifs

If you want long hours you can ask and you will get some
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Good pay, less hours, heavy lifting

Good pay, less hours, lot of favorism to specific employees and all they want is work like animal ,heavy lifting mostly. Good benefits .working hours depend on volume
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Fun place to work

Great people. Love my coworkers and managers. Not a lot of hours, but with the schedule being super early in the morning, theres room for a second day time job.
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Conditions suck

No phones or ANY electronics allowed inside. You need to walk though a metal detector to get in as well. Training is basic yet they expect the world of you within two shifts.
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Productive and Fun

Good place to work, no complaints, hours were consistent as well as routine. Volume varies but always support around. I appreciated the time I spent with the company
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Great people

The work is collaborative and everyone does their part. Management celebrates your achievements. We also got medical benefits for a part time job. Safety is first
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Fast paced environment

The people are nice for the most part but there's alot of gossiping going on behind tour back. If they don't like the look of you you will go no where with this company.
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Package handler

Great working atmosphere and felixible hours. Employers are very polite and helpful. Always available to assist you whenever you need any help or get stuck in some work.
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Tedious and heavy

It was monotonous and back breaking. It was only available nights and offered 28 hours a week. It would be a decent job for a university student who wants to work without conflucting with school hours.
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Very bad experience

Don’t give pay on time .You will receive your pay after two or three months .very very bad experience . They will give cheques after 2-3 months.It is very difficult tp survive without money. It hurts even if you are working and dont get pay on time .😒
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It is a good opportunity to work in FedEx Ground because you can experience a fast track activity with special organizational as a post company member.
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Kind caring people

The job is fairly physically demanding, but the staff there was always there accommodate when needed. The only bad experience of the job is that the drivers who are hired by a third party are extremely rude and arrogant to the loaders. Creating a toxic environment.
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I looked forward to coming to work. It was a great workout too

I loved working at Fedex, it was fun and they really take care of their employees. Its easy to move up quickly from one position to another. I only left to peruse my career as an electrican,

Points positifs

great benefits
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Good company poor management

Your are not promoted base on your skill set. You have to belong to the right peer group that the ops managers create The ops managers and HR judgment are race compromised visual majority is in power over the minority regardless of your abilities. If your ambitious you will find your journey very stressful
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Great place to work and to grow

I have been working for year and half got promoted three times. If you want to advance your future with them there is always away to help you.If you are a student fedex is your ideal place they have flexible hours and shifts and help with the cost.
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Terrible management and business may like the job until you see behind the curtain...

I honestly used to enjoy this job a lot until I learned more about the company and management at this particular location. At the FedEx Ground station in Grimsby, training for package handlers is minimal. You learn so much more by talking to the drivers who can show you the best way to load the trucks but FedEx Ground management dissuades drivers from talking to the loaders because the drivers "are not FedEx employees". True, FedEx Ground doesn't hire the drivers, they hire contractors who bring with them a team of drivers and this is a terrible business model. It saves FedEx money but also allows them to use the contracts as a noose around the contractors' necks when they want. They bully the contractors into firing drivers if they don't like them by threatening to pull the contract or by preventing them from getting new delivery routes. If FedEx management really wants someone gone, they'll back the contractors into a corner. So there is a lot of mistrust and a lack of teamwork between FedEx management and contracted employees. As a package handler you may not see it as much. They are strict on hours and will kick you out of the building even if you try to stay behind and tidy up the trucks you loaded. Shame because the work pace is fast and it helps to stay a few extra minutes to catch any boxes you may have loaded on the wrong truck. Especially since they have "documented discussions" with you when you do misload boxes. It's even more a shame that by telling people to leave right away, a lot of package handlers get lazy and just leave the trucks a mess for the drivers - 
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fun work palce

awesome managers flexible hours very helpful trainers very helpful co workers it could be a little physical demanding but if you stick with it and work safe it gets easier.
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Package Handler chez FedEx

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