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Delivery Driver21 avis
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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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more hours during busy season

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It's an ok job when there is enough deliveries for the day and during busy season. When it slows down, good luck trying to get a shift at all or get it cancelled.

Points positifs

Easy job

Points négatifs

Job security
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Management makes it they don't act all superior they treat everyone with respect and are very encouraging

What is the best part of working at the company?Everyone is friendly and helpful very pleasing atmosphere, as a casual D3 driver the hours are long in November Dec but not enough hours in the off season What is the most stressful part about working at the company?days when you are driving in bad weather like snow and freezing rainWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?fantastic great management and workers everyone works as a team and help each other they also have great treat days food and funWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?You go to work and the management and staff are very motivating They make you want to do a great job
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Like fighting for shifts?

- They hire 7x the amount of drivers for the routes they have- Getting shifts can be impossible- Will cancel shifts 30 minutes before constantly- They make you hunt down equiptment needed to do your job- You get punished for others mistakes- Managment could not care less about drivers- Haven't recieved a raise in 3 years

Points positifs

Pick your hours

Points négatifs

Everything else
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love working here. If you like to drive and enjoy working alone this is the perfect job for you. I'm a d3 driver and I get to pick my shifts every week.
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Lack of communication and direction from leadership

rules change regularly with a lack of communication to workers. Management is not on the same page. Too much favoritism amongst managers to workers. Work is heavy and not allocated properly. Expectations are too high for the pay rate.

Points positifs

paid education if needed

Points négatifs

favoritism by management
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I no longer work at FedEx, found a better paying job. There was a great bunch of people there but for the rest of the time you're on the road. Don't know what it's like there now, a couple of those great people aren't there anymore. I can say that the drivers who worked the full-time shifts seemed to really like their jobs. I had chose not to work the full-time.

Points positifs

Great hours

Points négatifs

Circumstances out of their control, houses that don't have clear showing addresses`
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Super Flexible Hours

You go on the company app to schedule your shifts. Great for students with busy schedules or people looking for extra work. Pay is decent, only problem is driving in high traffic areas all day can get frustrating.
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Great people. Fair pay for work

I really enjoy working here. People are great and friendly, work like balance is good. More shifts would be good but overall it’s a good place to work.
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Not bad job, not enough hours

When it’s slow it’s SLOW, other than that good job, you work on your own most of the time and aren’t rushed into oblivion, get to take as long breaks as you want also
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Not good for someone looking for hours

I worked as a D3 delivery driver for a couple months. The way you got your hours was every Monday morning you would wait for hours until the managers posted any shifts for the following week. As soon as any hours were available they were gone just like that for the next week sometimes getting no work at all. Was told when hired I could work up to 40 hours per week. Never happened. The most was 20 hours. Not enough for somebody to get by. Very little training offered
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Great job for a retired person like myself

Bosses are great. Office staff is awesome and the permanent drivers are very approachable and friendly. Hiring process was fast. Training was very appropriate and thorough
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FedEx is a poor company to work for

All of their delivery people on FedEx Ground side of company do not qualify for pension plan and proper benefits These big corporate companies take advantage of people but people in general public just assume when they see a FedEx truck that the person is employed by FedEx when in reality they work for a contractor

Points négatifs

Working for a shady company that cares more about money than people
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Busy and fun place to work

Productive and fun workplace. Staff very friendly and supportive. Management and staff always looking out for each other. Sorting and organizing of packages into vehicle hardest part of job. Help is only a phone call away with any issues you may encounter.
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Hard work for little pay

The work/life at FedEx is bad as you cannot make any plans as you do not finish work until route is completed at the time roughly 160 stops a day, mostly heavy stuff as they deliver for wayfair (so lots of home furnishings)Delivered a couch once. Penthouse in an apartment building, probably took half hour for that delivery alone Pay was badMy independent contractor promised so much but did not keep his promises…I did find management and other co-workers very niceDefinitely keeps you in shapeGood luck

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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D3 Driver Review

As a D3 Driver at FedEx I work in a very relaxed environment. Especially considering I am delivering packages in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Management makes it an easy and particularly stress-free working environment for people in my position.
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Bad management, bad trucks

Very bad management, never fix vehicles unless they collapse on the road, you get paid for 8 hour day but have to work twelve plus. Always late with pay checks, busy times are easily working fourteen hour days.
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Good company to work for. Great people. The pay is just not there to live on Easy work If you love to drive and don't have to comute job would be great.
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Fed ex sucks!

Never been in such a negative harassment filled workplace before or since. I was lied to and bullied from the first day and that guy was a "supervisor". Go to max prison like Reneuse as a prisoner and you will get more respect than from any colleague at Fed Ex!
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Poor management. Stay away

Used to be a good place to work once upon a time. Management is a joke and continue making changes that not only are affecting the company negatively, but also bringing down the morale of employees heavily. Safety is no longer as important as they have always made it seem. In the end, safety issues are pushed aside and ignored due to cost. Company has always claimed to be a people company. ..their moto is PEOPLE, SERVICE , PROFIT, in that order..Always PROFIT ahead of PEOPLE AND SERVICE. Too cheap to invest in new technology and falling way behind compared to most other competitors that arent even comparable in size to Fedex. Management is only worried about staying within budget to make their bonuses. Employees are no longer important
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Daily Routine

-Go to the Fedex depot at 7 -Help load the truck and arrange the packages according to first delivery to last. -Determine the fastest and most efficient route to take -Drop off packages in a safe and timely manner -Drop truck off at the Fedex depot after all the deliveries
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Entry level Delivery Company

My days were typically about 10 hours long (from when i arrived at the terminal to when i punched out to go home) I learned that it's very important to know where your parcels are in the truck and make sure they are organized properly as this will cause problems during the day. Management seemed very much like a old school factory vibe. Language barrier between the manager and some of the employees.
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Delivery Driver chez FedEx

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24,14 $ par heure

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