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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good environment

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Overall it's been a good experience working at FedEx for the last 35 years. It does have areas that could be improved but not really any different than most company's. I don't like the grade pay structure since it stifles independent effort but still is a decent place to work.

Points positifs

Good benefits and remuneration.

Points négatifs

Stifles independent effort. Favoritism from management.
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Great place to work!

Really enjoyed working at Kingston terminal. Great co workers great management. Too bad they were not hiring fulltime and with my commute and gas prices it just wasn't a viable option for me.
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It takes about month to catch onto all the nuances of the Job. It can be frustrating as there is a learning curve, but stick with it, it gets easier.

Management is kind and non abusive. They want the best for the people working there, although if you are looking for a full time position, you are rated by a number of factors.

Points positifs

Easy paced work, no heavy lifting. Nice benefits package.

Points négatifs

As a D3 driver there is no guarantee of hours No guarantee of a permanent job.
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Would not work there

If you’re not to there liking they will use you until you quit on your own. The working conditions are terrible trucks have no air conditioning in the summer and no heating in the winter the company is not unionized so the upper management dose what they please and there’s no one to protect you

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Productive, professional, fast-paced.

Working at Fedex was enjoyable as there was always work to keep yourself busy and my cooworkers were pleasant to be around. The hours were consistent, but the workload increased dramatically during holidays.
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FedEx is in general an excellent employer. Good benefit package and job security. The customers are always a pleasure to interact with. You really learn to schedule your time
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Great people

Good people good environment. Hardest part is getting full time hours. It take years of working casual or part time before getting a full time position.
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Fun workplace good job and management

good workplace and lots of hours available for work, management is very flexible and the company respects you as a worker and doesn't typically over work you

Points positifs

good management

Points négatifs

lower salary for first 5 years
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good company....great people to work with....good pay....

Worked here 22 years...micro managed...great coworkers...VERY politically correct....decent every year with pay raises based on review....good travel benefits.
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Great place to work

Good hours, great people and lots of support given from upper management. Easy to advance and your rewarded for the hard work. Would recommend it to anyone.
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Great Place to work long term

- Long term employees are not compensated - Benefits are great - Labor intensive - To much work not enough staff - New employees make almost the same amount of money as employees who have been there for a couple years.
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Excellent place to work!

Good work life balance. Realistic expectations. Great pay and benefits. Lots of guidance and training for self and career improvement. Career for life!

Points positifs

Wages and benefits

Points négatifs

difficult to get full time position
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I really liked working at FedEx

I loved working there because I have had lots of driving jobs and I enjoy driving jobs. Also I am great with customers and customer service. I got to know my routine really well and my clients really well. The pay was ok. Im am just sad that they let me go
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dicribe this company i need to use words what not alow on this site

Worse place ever. I do not really know how they manage to get in 100 of top employer in Canada but if you want to be treated as s... and just be a number then this company is for you.
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Productive, Fun place.

This is my review for the company. I like working here because the staff is really good. Pay is okay, but lots of potentials to grow for the best person.
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It is a fast paced environment that requires good attention to detail and excellent time management skill. You require excellent organizational skills so that you are able to deliver all your packages in a timely manner.

Points positifs

fun activities

Points négatifs

can be very long hours
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Great, Great. Loved the job, management were great and understanding. Fast paced, however you were given the support and tools to do your job. Just wish there would of been more hours.
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Great people to work with!

Working for FedEx was a fantastic way to learn a new city. I found the people I was working with in Victoria British Columbia, were a fantastic crew and very supportive when help was needed. I highly recommend working for the Victoria branch if the opportunity was available.

Points positifs

Great environment to work in

Points négatifs

Sometimes hard to get days off
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Not a place to stay in for a long time.

First you won't get full time unless you have been there for over a 10 year minimum period. Second, employees concerns and suggestions don't count and don't get implemented. Third, Management only concern is moving up the ladder and do whatever it takes to get there.

Points positifs

Great for part time students and as an extra income.

Points négatifs

Not a place if you looking for growth, employees are not empowered and heard on a regular basis, Go go go is all that matters.
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Very hard work

My employer really expected a lot from me. Some days but not all there was too much work to get done in a safe manner. The weekly wage is what kept me there for so long.

Points positifs

wage was good

Points négatifs

over worked most days
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repetative work with good hours

I enjoyed working for the company. They provided a stable working environment with ongoing training. The pay was decent and the hours were great.
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Courier chez FedEx

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