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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great people , work can be taxing physically

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You are generally unloading or loading containers from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Keeps you in shape but can also be very tiring during holidays
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Not what it looks like

Not half as good as what it looks like from outside perspective. Under appreciation for overworkSalary is not up to par with type of workDouble standards apply
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good place to work and good people

It is easy to get an entry level job here. Moving up can be very difficult. The people are nice and the supervisors are good to. It is overall a good place to work.

Points positifs

Nice people, easy to get an entry level position.

Points négatifs

Moving up is difficult.
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A nice job for proactiveness

FedEx is a great company to work for. The staff are very friendly to each other and always willing to help. Your continued service is always rewarded. You get decent raises (First one after a month of service, then three months, then six and a year. After a year of service, your raises are yearly.). Benefits are conferred after three months of service. As long as you are proactive and always willing to help when you see someone who needs it, you can last a long time there. Safety is always taken into utmost consideration.Make sure you're always being proactive otherwise management will have a talk with you and they will cut you loose the following week. Listen to suggestions coworkers (especially those serving longer than you) can offer you. It's a team environment, not every employee for themselves. That's some of my advice to help you succeed there. If you're willing to be a proactive teamplayer, this is your home. Otherwise I would still recommend the job.

Points positifs

Good pay and raises, good benefits, awesome staff, occassional free lunches.

Points négatifs

Management may pester you if you're not being proactive, early morning shifts (it can be somewhat flexible if you have difficulty waking up very early).
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Run of the mill

warehouse work. Loading containers at Fedex and doing more than you're qualified because the are reluctant to hire more people. Yet the pay is not competitive and unfair treatment regarding advancement.

Points positifs

Good working environment

Points négatifs

Unpredictable shifts, dishonest upper level management
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Overview information

FedEx is a good company, but people have been working there for many years and they do not care about their future inside the company so they do not try to get their skills better and do not try to improve the company results. In general, the management wants to put the packages on the belt.
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Horriblee place to work!

Lunches are not free btw whoever wrote that. Management is LOST and have no idea what is going on half the time, stressful and extremely unorganized. They say you can go up and stuff but you dont half the time lol unless ur a kiss A55 Dont appreciate hard workers & treated like a fool. Worst place ive ever worked for by far. Hours are not flexable and you can stay there for 10 hours and theyll force you to stay or make you feel like you will lose ur job
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Package Handling

Warehouse setting with forklifts and other machines. Packages being transported by machines. Packages being loaded into a container with employees such as myself.
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Considerate Management staff

As a member of the sorting staff, I was able to clear the packages for shipment. Another feature of my job was to stack the uncleared packages away on bunks. Helping another person to complete their job was second nature, there was never a second thought in helping. Although the background and culture are different we all get along splendidly. It makes the manager's job less stressful.
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friendly environment

• Assisting with the unloading containers and displaying teamwork with other employees. • Making label for unreadable document or package label. • Communicate effectively with fellow workers, supervisors and other members of the team.
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not good, low quality people, no growth

messed up workshifts, inconsistent hours, people who work there are backstabbing snakes and rats who talk in your back and smile at your face. you wont be recognized for hard, quality and high output work. people who work there will degrade your potential and ruin you to become a rat like them. managers are dumb and do not know how to do their job which is to optimize money flow in order to better the company. safery hazard is a big problem. warehouse is dirty you will get asthma within 3rd month of work. overrall depressing work environment, you may give your all and be positive as much as you can but this place is so rotten that it will get to you no matter what. you look at your bosses and coworkers and all you can think of is ‘god forbid i become like that’, when it should be the opposite - you should be motivated to follow in the steps of your leaders and collegues. everyone there is fake. worst place ive worked for. sometimes i wondered if these people were for real with their bs, and they were. stay away for your own good, dont waste your time. this is sad because fedex is a big name company which was featured in my favourite movie ‘cast away’ back in the day. it’s silly but i felt pride when i first started there and was super motivated to do well. but as time went i saw that no matter how big a company is, if the people at that certain location are low quality then the place wont be great, and it is the case for Fedex warehouse in mirabel. low quality people will ruin everything even the best company name will get dirty. i cannot say for other locations but the one - 

Points positifs

not much really lol

Points négatifs

bad hours, bad people, toxic environment, everyone hates each other, no recognition for hard work, bad air dirty warehouse, danger hazard, bad management, low quality people, stay away
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Good work experience

Good experiences all around, a likeable team. Good management. Clean and organized workplace. Long commute and not many hours. The comradery was enjoyable.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Not many hours
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Will always go back to work there any time, great place to work ,good benefits.An excellent place to grow and improve your career goals to the fullest.

Points positifs

Great people

Points négatifs

Short hrs
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tough place to work

fast paced work, not much training is given .If target not achieved you are held responsible even if you don't have enough people on line.Not much room for advancing
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Productive and safe work environment

During Christmas, FedEx becomes quite busy, but we as worker are stress-tolerance and know how to manage that type of situations. From FedEx, I have learned to be cooperative and punctual. Management at FedEx is quite good.Coworkers are very cooperative and friendly. They are ever ready to help. The hardest part of the job is handling big boxes (above 100lbs).

Points positifs

good environment

Points négatifs

less hours
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Excellent Pay Scale but limited opportunity

Great company to work for, pay is excellent and the work is hard but definitely do-able however there is very limited opportunity for growth due to seniority and limited opportunity even if one has greater skills in particular field.

Points positifs

Early morning shifts, so you have time to do everything else.

Points négatifs

Lack of opportunity for growth beyond the initial hired position
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It's an amazing company to work for. No complaints. Management is very understanding, always here to help us and the benefits are good.
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Nice work enviroment, start up difficult

Nice work enviroment, and good benefits, if you start from the bottom its difficult to go up to the ladder, bring a skill in you and it would work.
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Cargo Hander

A typical day at work would consist of a few hours every morning; 5-6 days a week. I am a cargo handler who is able to maneuvers packages from 70lbs and up. It is a great morning workout and my co-workers make coming to work everyday very worthwhile. Management is wonderful and they are great at offering whatever help may be necessary. Meetings are insightful and they do a wonderful job at showing appreciation for their employees. The hardest part of my job would be that there just isn't enough hours in a shift; and having to commute for only a couple of hours everyday. But the most enjoyable part of my job is coming in everyday and working with the wonderful team we have. They are a joy and make the time go by fast; we have become a family, and families work together to help each other all around. This is a wonderful company to work for.

Points positifs

They provide the occasional treats, ex: bbq, appreciative donuts

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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fast paced good exercise

scan packages for shipping worldwide and met some good people

Points positifs

amazing place

Points négatifs

casual position
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Fun independent work environment with great customer experiences

FedEx is a team oriented environment that taught me a lot about time management and logistics. I enjoyed that my independent work efforts out on the road is facilitated by the team work done before hand in the warehouse. However, most of the management do not have enough work experience specific to the job they manage. The company ends up making decisions that are bottom line based and not necessarily business or employee based.
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Cargo Handler chez FedEx

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16,92 $ par heure

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