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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Environnement sain mais salaire reste a etre ameliorer

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Les taches à éffectuer sont simples mais parfois dure physiquement, spécifiquement lors de l'été lorsqu'il fait très chaud. Toutefois, c'est un environnement de travail agréable mais qui laisse à désirer lorsqu'on parle de salaire à long terme.

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Environnement sain et respectueux

Points négatifs

Salaire pas très alléchant lorsque ça fait plus de 2 ans à cet emploi
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Management Sucks

Used to be a fun place but Management sucks. They have no idea what is going on and just promote people they like regardless of qualifications. HR doesn't care to listen to your problems as well.

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Poor Management
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Great job for a retired person like myself

Bosses are great. Office staff is awesome and the permanent drivers are very approachable and friendly. Hiring process was fast. Training was very appropriate and thorough
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Great people

The work is collaborative and everyone does their part. Management celebrates your achievements. We also got medical benefits for a part time job. Safety is first
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Fast paced environment

The people are nice for the most part but there's alot of gossiping going on behind tour back. If they don't like the look of you you will go no where with this company.
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Low salary

Management is poor when it comes to work proactively , there is no training for the day to day tasks and they expect you to be a 10/10 employee without offering the right tools and give you the right work load

Points positifs

Discounts on FedEx services. WFH

Points négatifs

Low salary, zero recognition
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It takes about month to catch onto all the nuances of the Job. It can be frustrating as there is a learning curve, but stick with it, it gets easier.

Management is kind and non abusive. They want the best for the people working there, although if you are looking for a full time position, you are rated by a number of factors.

Points positifs

Easy paced work, no heavy lifting. Nice benefits package.

Points négatifs

As a D3 driver there is no guarantee of hours No guarantee of a permanent job.
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Nice People, fast paced work environment

fast paced, inputting informationpart time shift goes by very fastWhitby location Very fun and friendly people and Senior manager of that location is greatYou need to be able to multi task
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D3 driver, easy.

Easy job. just deliver and chill. I learned nothing really, just how to delicer lol. Management is eas. culture is cool. the hardest part was literally parking in reverselol.
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FedEx is a poor company to work for

All of their delivery people on FedEx Ground side of company do not qualify for pension plan and proper benefits These big corporate companies take advantage of people but people in general public just assume when they see a FedEx truck that the person is employed by FedEx when in reality they work for a contractor

Points négatifs

Working for a shady company that cares more about money than people
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FedEx is number one best company to work for best job best ever

I had job for few months but I had to leave cuz personal issue But if I had the opportunity to get it back I sure would go back to FedEx and honestly Never Leave This Company. My Big Mistake was Leaving FedEx

Points positifs

Everything is a Pro for FedEx

Points négatifs

Nothing bad about FedEx
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A nice job for proactiveness

FedEx is a great company to work for. The staff are very friendly to each other and always willing to help. Your continued service is always rewarded. You get decent raises (First one after a month of service, then three months, then six and a year. After a year of service, your raises are yearly.). Benefits are conferred after three months of service. As long as you are proactive and always willing to help when you see someone who needs it, you can last a long time there. Safety is always taken into utmost consideration.Make sure you're always being proactive otherwise management will have a talk with you and they will cut you loose the following week. Listen to suggestions coworkers (especially those serving longer than you) can offer you. It's a team environment, not every employee for themselves. That's some of my advice to help you succeed there. If you're willing to be a proactive teamplayer, this is your home. Otherwise I would still recommend the job.

Points positifs

Good pay and raises, good benefits, awesome staff, occassional free lunches.

Points négatifs

Management may pester you if you're not being proactive, early morning shifts (it can be somewhat flexible if you have difficulty waking up very early).
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Safety priorities and fun @ 114 calgary AB

Fun location with fun coworkers, I valued the high focus on safety. Work was typical to warehouse work. The breaks where a little short and if your a smoker it's kind of bogus how far you have to walk. But otherwise I enjoyed it a lot.

Points positifs

Hot cafeteria, high safety standards, supportive upper management

Points négatifs

Very physical, short breaks
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Busy and fun place to work

Productive and fun workplace. Staff very friendly and supportive. Management and staff always looking out for each other. Sorting and organizing of packages into vehicle hardest part of job. Help is only a phone call away with any issues you may encounter.
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call center

this company is a joke they except you to supply fed ex with free high speed internet while working from home with no compensation for it how cheap can they be they are looking for people to work for the least amount of pay as possible avid this cheap company pay was 17.70 went to 18.34 a whole 64 cents how generous

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Points négatifs

loosers as hiring maynagers
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Hard work for little pay

The work/life at FedEx is bad as you cannot make any plans as you do not finish work until route is completed at the time roughly 160 stops a day, mostly heavy stuff as they deliver for wayfair (so lots of home furnishings)Delivered a couch once. Penthouse in an apartment building, probably took half hour for that delivery alone Pay was badMy independent contractor promised so much but did not keep his promises…I did find management and other co-workers very niceDefinitely keeps you in shapeGood luck

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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D3 Driver Review

As a D3 Driver at FedEx I work in a very relaxed environment. Especially considering I am delivering packages in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Management makes it an easy and particularly stress-free working environment for people in my position.
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Incredible experience

Great all around job, great for students while in school and the advancement grants the choice of continuing your career after your diploma. I recommend
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Horrible company

Poorly managed and horrible company to work for .. do not recommend anyone to work here it is a very horrible company with disgusting managers that do not care for anyone
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Contract hires are few

Contract staff are rarely hired regardless of performance. Do not expect to be treated with the same respect nor included in many activities. Salary is poor.
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Tedious and heavy

It was monotonous and back breaking. It was only available nights and offered 28 hours a week. It would be a decent job for a university student who wants to work without conflucting with school hours.
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