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Why did you leave your job at FedEx?

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  • Really poor management and God complex upper management..you better smile and say "how high" when they ask you to jump..Policies are archaic ~inside sales are expected to wear suits and a tie but engineering team in same office can wear jeans and t shirts. This is apparently in case a customer visits. ( customers have to be signed in and escorted and will see both sales and engineering team if they visit ~ how does this make sense?) Pay isn't that great either

  • Poor management extremely disorganized

  • I wanna take good apporchunity

  • Relocation to Ottawa from Quebec.

  • Office Shut Down

  • I left the job because of my personal problems.As a whole it is a great company.

  • Salery problom

  • People treat other unfairly and manage never knew.

  • Not enough hours

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