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salaire OK, horaire de 4x10heures3 jours OFF(vendredi,samedi,dimanche)Possibilité de temps supplémentaire à temps double! Le seul probleme est que salaire ne monte plus apres 3 ans
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Salaires à peine compétitifs, direction qui récompense les mauvaises personnes.

Pour une première expérience en entrepôt, j'ai adoré et j'ai bénéficier de leur politique générale, qui est d'avoir des employés polyvalents et formés pour au moins 2 postes et départements différents. Ils sont moyens vis-à-vis les bénéfices offerts aux employés

Points positifs

Quarts de travail de 12hrs donc une semaine de 3 jours!
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Physical labour

Physical labour - lifting up to 50lbs individually Machine operator Colleagues are what makes it enjoyable Set shifts; 12 hour shifts x 4 Flexible for students
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Really good place if you get along with people

The pay was really good for just 3 days of working, had time for other things like on the weekday, learned that it takes a mindset before you start work

Points positifs

The pay and the people and free popsicles

Points négatifs

Heavy lifting
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Belle place pour travailler. Plusieurs opportunités sont offertes. Comme partout ailleurs, il y a des points positifs et négatifs! J’ai travaillé là pendant 14 ans, une belle expérience de travail.
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Overall i like this work soo much Exellent work

What is the best part of working at the company?Receving and shipping both are best All empolye are so nice and all teammates also What is the most stressful part about working at the company?There is no any stress part when i work .Only when they tell there is no work they send all agency people home.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very helpful and very good cultre during work What is a typical day like for you at the company?I like thurday to sunday night sihft
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Decent place, decent salary but as a lifelong career, a big NO!

It’s an ok place to work at while you’re looking for something else. Salary is ok, managment not too shabby but could be better, organization is so so as some procedures can take an eternity up until they’re done, atmosphere is endurable but can be quit depressing, stifling and mundane depending on the days. Overall, it’s reasonable place to be employed but only for a few years( 4 years maximum) . Then I would suggest to move on for betterment and a healthier environment
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Decent pay

Some people work more and some less for same salary. Team leaders are highly biased and give easy task to their friends and hard to people they don’t know. Supervisor dont interfare much. No appreciation even after working hard the whole day. Receiving department is specially messed up. Lots of politics in the I shift. But decent pay and thats is the motivation behind going there. And I do agree that you meet nice people.
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Good first job

Management can be a complete mess, pay is decent, hours are very long (10-12 hour shifts) and labor intensive, be prepared to be staying up on your feet all day. Security is almost non-existent, hitting their numbers is all they care about. Summer is an extremely difficult time to work because of how hot it gets in the warehouse. Overall, it’s a good first job for younger people as its hard work.
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Great place, great managers

Great place, great managers, decent pay, free food, free candy, HR listens to you, paid breaks, good benefits, advancement opportunities, plenty of VTO
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Comprehensive.concise and independent

What is the best part of working at the company?I love a lot of features ,and also the opportunity.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Fear of being laid off. I like to be on time with my schedule to ensure that my supervisor are taken care of.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Healthy workplace culture align employee behaviors and company policies.What is a typical day like for you at the company?management skills and abillity to.priorities my work.
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What is the best part of working at the company?Its a nice place to start a logistic careerWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?None everything we’re ok managements culture and safety policies are very unbelievableWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Respectfull and safe place to workWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Days are cool on the weekdays friday is the best
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Good place

Great place to work. I worked for about year and half and I felt valued. The work is fast paced but that’s typically what every other workplace is nowadays. Supportive management!!
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Friendly environment .

Feeling good to work with FedEx . All employees are very nice and helpful. I got all the things which i need for my job. Only one thing gave me hurt when i do soda skid alone.
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Lots of opportunities

I started from the bottom now I'm here Met a lot of good peopleI enjoy working 4 x 10 hour shiftsI enjoy long weekend Training offered in both English and French
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Worst Management

I have been an employee for over 5 years at this site and I have watched as management drives it into the ground. They treat employees like trash and all they care about is the incomplete LMS. They will set unreasonable expectations and push you to work as unsave as possible to reach the goals they set in place. The momment you make a mistake they will hold it against you and make you feel like your job is at risk instead of setting up employees for success and helping them move past it and preventing it from happening again

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Management, hr, unreasonable expectations, bad holidays, no bonuses.
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Great pay but horrible management

Yes you got paid well for the job because it’s very easy. Does the management appreciate your hard work? Absolutely not. They set daily goals based off of the fastest person in the warehouse and expect everyone to be as fast as them and then discipline you if you don’t reach those goals. I was let go out of the blue after working there for almost a year simply because they weren’t busy and I was the most recent hire (no I was not on contract). Honestly it was a blessing, this place is extremely toxic. My advice if you take the job; mind your business, do your job and go home. Also if you think you are secured here after you pass your 3 months.. you’re not. No job is secure these days.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Everything else
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fun work place. learn to drive MHE

gained more knowledge about IC. have to focus on giving salary more. overall it’s ok to work there. should make 10 paid emergency day. and the night differential should be higher than the existing amount they’re giving. i will give 3 stars ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️

Points positifs

fun place

Points négatifs

low wage
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Easy and decently paid

Decent workplace, not much issue to be said. Little progression after 3 years in pay. Work can be difficult in some departments but choice is there to switch
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Stepping stone workplace not worth any more time than in-between jobs.

Management has zero skill set. All problems that arise eare because of useless employees instead zero investigation into root causes it's basically just blame the employee. Too much favouritism. Surprised they can even use the Fed Ex brand. Basically an easy place to get into to work but seriously no one wants to stay as management is so poor at their jobs.

Points positifs

Mindless work for the majority of your work days.

Points négatifs

Poor management, constant blaming and shaming of employees.
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People are really nice and friendly

The work is good the people are nice supervisors are really friendly the pay could be a little better but the environment is very welcoming and because of that I can live with the pay

Points positifs

4 day work week

Points négatifs

10 hour shift
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