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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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travail stressant pour pouvoir travailler chez Fedex être capable de supporter les aléas des intempéries

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Don't bother

Horribly run by chidish management, who try and work you like a dog. They act as though your important and you actually have a chance to move up,to only end up working in the same position you were when you first started. Everyone is two faced to one another. Just a really dirty miserable place.

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No break
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Good place to work

Great work environment and work culture is not toxic. Great benefits and you are given time to learn the ropes whilst doing the job without undue pressure

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Great place to gain warehouse experience

It's a good place to earn warehouse expensive.The job is fast paced and definitely not for everyone,if you can keep up with the pace and do your work as instructed it's a good place to work.
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Fun job but hard

Love this job not easy but love it making customer happy is my duty and i love it when it make them happy to received it before they expected that is my pay
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Fast paced good place to work lots of mail busy days ok pay work alone weekdays no nights no weekends traffic bad drivers highway traffic but a good place.
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Great company to work for

Great benefits and room for advancement. It generally takes about 6 months to move up if you show an interest. Depending on openings it can be sooner or longer though. Package handling is physically demanding but it’s like being paid to go to the gym. The operations side is fast-paced and you have to be able to make decisions fairly quickly as a supervisor/manager. You are never bored while at work, the day/night goes by fast.

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Free food often, benefits, advancement potential

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Working hours can be early or late
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Great place to work, but not enough hours

The culture is good, and the pay is good, but it’s permanent part time because the shift ends when the parcels are all sorted, which is usually only about 3-4 hours. November- January are heavier and you’ll get maybe 6-7.
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Fantastic people

I really love this company, there’s plenty of positions to apply for. And they’ll even train you for them ahead of time if you’re interested. They have amazing benefits and the pay is higher. Coworkers and managers are super nice and understanding.

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Benefits + People
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Task achievements and fun workplace

There's women friendly environment and each and every task is achieved in an efficient and effective manner.They offers highly competitive salary.There's coordination and cooperation among top and lower level.

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Competitive salary, friendly environment

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Fast pace and tons of workers

Very hard to keep up during busy seasons and workload is a lot. However, the pay, benefits and workplace outweigh the workload. Heavy lifting can be difficult and tough on the body.
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Good place for hard worker

Package handler is a physical demanding job. I have had the experience that management does find solutions to improve the work. was a good place for me I enjoying working there starting at 3am and some times end the sort at 9am..the supervisors are always there to help. They are nice and also Tuition benefits for students
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Good place to work

All people is friendly and treat well together. More opportunities to improve and more fun while working here. International culture is the most important.
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Fast paced , physical work

Fast paced , physical work, pay is ok not the best as you are not actually working for Fedex you work for a contracted service provider, work alone all day , long day some times , monday - sunday operations oprotunity for lots of hours , no room for advancement .

Points positifs

Alone all day, decent pay

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Long hours, physically straining
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Package Handler

They yelled at you… no concerns for safety and a job for 3 people to do with one person doing it!…Never recommended this job to anyone.Early morning shift,once done they want you to leave the site right away!
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Overall it's a very stressful and heavy lifting job

You usually have very heavy and awkward parcels that says on the box to have 2 people lift and you have to do it yourself. Location can be very vague and inaccurate. Vehicle can be so full of stuff to deliver that a person can't even walk into vehicle to get packages. Tires can be heavy and there literally is no space even lift in vehicle to deliver them. You get to drive a very heavy van that is 2 wheel drive in the winter that is very easy to get stuck also. It's all timed and management doesn't seem to care if you even have lunch. They care more about how many packages are delivered
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Physical demanding

Package handler is a physical demanding job. There is a lot of promotions from within the company. I have had the experience that management listens to workers issues and does find solutions to improve the work environment.
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Great People!!

Always a delight to come into work. I love the environment and the people who I get to work with. Every day is different and always up to the challenge!
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Every contractor pays differently to the driver, no union, no seniority no rise.The harder you work the more work you will get.You can listen to your music in the road and take your break any time you want that’s it.
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Fast working place

Too stressful sometimes they give you 5-6 vans to load it’s too hard to do everyday Management suck Even manager don’t know how to work They just pushing hard to finish sort as soon as possible like in 2-3 hour
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The work environment is good and the old staff treat the new Guys well.

The job at FedEx ground is good, but my suggestion is for the management to give Package Handlers Part Time more than the 20-hour workweek. This will help in retaining the Package Handlers for a long time with the company.
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