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What is the company culture at FEDERAL EXPRESS CANADA?

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  • FedEx takes care of personnel thus providing personnel with all of the support for all of their personnel. They are provided with excellent benefits. They even provide the employees with lunches. The personnel manager is always open to the personnel to discuss their issues and as well to discuss their advancement in the company.

  • Service and Profit is all they care. People are at rock bottom. They are micromanaged, exploited and raises are poor.

  • For a Company that cries out loud on the PSP philosophy; Service and Profit rank high while people are at the rock bottom.

  • They mean well, but fall short.

  • Smile, say hello, be on time! A minute late is still late. Lol you get used to it. They’re also flexable.

  • PsP People Service Profit delivering the Purple Promise Everytime

  • Purple promise. - only for their employees and customers excluding contractors/vendors

  • It has a very friendly and pleasant environment at federal express canada.

  • Amazing, they care for their employees.

    They even offer 5 minutes of paid time to stretch before your shift.

    Free food sometimes, water on hot days, they want to see you succeed in your day to day activities as well as in the company.

  • Major culture called PSP. People-Service-Profit. Completely non-union environment.

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