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Low Salary

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Salary doesn't match with cost of living and locked in for two years is a major sacrifice to make. It depends on whether you have someone to help support you during that time, if not, it is not advisable.
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Fast paced work environment with low package

FDM provides training for 3 months expecting you to learn new technology in one week and submit the project on each technology. If you fail to submit multiple projects up to the mark by learning them within a week, they will terminate you. If you successfully complete the training, then you can apply to internal clients of FDM and clear their interview in order to work with the clients. You will be working on the FDM projects until unless you get hired by their client.
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Horrible company

The company just promises a "training", which turns out to be in-house courses that really don't teach you anything or give you a certification for future applications. The company just uses the training to lock you in a 20000$ contract which you owe of you leave before 2 years. After that they will place you in any client regardless of the actual role just to charge them every hour of your placement. Company never holds placement or role promises made at interviews and by then, you are locked in the 2 year minimum contract.
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They support returners and graduates. It is a great company to work at. There are mixed reviews about this in the industry but I feel it’s great to give you a kickstart in your career.
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Last option

Only Join if this is your last option.They provide paid training but the pay during training is basic pay.you might get placed before training ends.After joining client side your pay slightly improves but very less compared to other consulting services.At client side you will have same work as a intermediate or senior developer.I learnt a lot while on client projects.FDM will not allow you to take vacation more than 10 days. However, FDM is very clear about all this when they hire you. Apart from terrible pay and vacation policy, its an okay place to work. It gets your foot in the IT industry where you will not get hired unless you have prior CANADIAN experience or references.It is very import how you choose your client in FDM though. If you choose in-demand portfolios there will be high chance that you will be able to easily find work after 2 years contract.
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Below market salary with 2 years hanging over your head!

The training was good, for a new graduate, the work culture and the location is pretty decent. The staff are good people. The salary is obviously terrible and the number of people waiting to be placed vs the number of employment opportunities coming in don't match, mostly due to covid. But the company continues to hire new recruits just to have them sit idle after training.

Points négatifs

Terrible Salary. Increased competition due to lots of trainees not getting placed.
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Everything is good except the inaccuracy of the payment department

FDM is a recruiting company that provides opportunities to fresh graduates. I have been with FDM for 2 years and here are my views on the company:Pros: The company has hired good trainers who help you throughout your training period. The company also invests heavily in the online learning platforms to help the consultants learn the skills required by the industry.Company pays the consultants for the training.The company culture is good, all the festivals and big sport events are celebrated which is a lot of fun.Cons:The pay is below average compared to market.During my time at FDM, I have had more than 15 issues with the payment department. They make a lot of mistakes in paychecks and if you don't check your pay there is a 100% chance that you will loose your money.And this does not happen deliberately but it is due to the inaccuracy of the teams that manage the paychecks.For an example, Once I was told that I have 2 vacation days left and when I took the 2 days off and asked to be compensated for those 2 vacation days they told me that they have made a mistake in calculating my vacation days and I will not get compensated for the days I took off in account of their mistake. In result, I had to loose 2 days of my regular pay plus my vacation pay. In conclusion, if you have 0 options in the market, you are financially stable, you are active enough to calculate your bi-weekly pay, and you have time to fight battles with the payment departments and HR then yes, you can go to FDM.

Points positifs

Paid training, games on Fridays, Festival Celebrations, Online Learning Platforms, Good Trainers

Points négatifs

Below average pay compared to market, Inaccuracy of the payment department, track your own pay otherwise you will loose your money
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Exploitative work culture

FDM Group takes advantage of immigrant students who do not have the network needed to directly land the job they want.They promise to 'recruit, retrain and deploy" you with one of their clients (usually financial institution in Canada (ex. TD)) but often their clients do not have the budget to pay you and you end up waiting.You are discouraged from applying for other jobs while you are employed with FDM Group by them imposing heavy fines if you decide to break your contract. They ask you to reimburse them for $75 per hour of training they gave you, but all the training they do is available for free online with much better and more updated content.Academy managers act more like a school principal than a manager. They will micromanage you. Probably because they were not good enough at their own job to actually work, so instead they have to teach.Avoid working here at all costs.

Points positifs

Fellow trainees were good people

Points négatifs

Bad management, micromanagement, pay is less than minimum wage while in training and max $45k/year during client work, training materials are outdated and can easily find more updated material for free online
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Exploitation of new graduates

I have 2 degrees and 3 years of in field work experience and they offered me minimum wage. My last junior level position was paying me $60,000 annual for comparison. I feel bad for anyone desperate enough to work for them.
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No job at all, and account manager doesn't professional

The training is really technical, you will learn more hands on than university but the contents are not modern technologies. FDM advertises what clients do they have but in fact they don't have enough job to the trainees.The account managers are the sales who have the jobs on their hand, none of them have technical knowledge or experiences.You have to be good image in front of them, else they will not present you to their clients even you are matched. The jobs can be senior level and some technologies that you never heard before, they claim they will upskill the missing technologies to you before on-site but in fact they just give you the LinkedIn learning link to you for self-study.Most of the jobs are QA/QE/Testing, BA and Dev roles are very poor, 20+ applicants for 1 BA/Dev role.Basically FDM isn't a good stepping stone to build your career because they don't have enough jobs but they still keep hiring, also most consultants facing the work in client side doesn't match the job description and you can't leave or complain.

Points positifs

Good health benefit

Points négatifs

Account Managers have too much power, FDM doesn't care are you happy or not in the client side, they need you head down and keep working that's it.
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Good for new grads

It is a good place to start your career. They provide really great opportunity. You can learn new things and they also encourage you for learning. If you are new grads then they provide good opportunity for you.

Points positifs

Good place to learn

Points négatifs

Low pay
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2 year minimum contract. If you aren't being sub-contracted to a company, you are still on the hook with the contract BUT make nothing! With Toronto's cost of living plus the AWFUL pay even if you are being sub-contracted, I cannot recommend this to ANYONE.They take advantage of new graduates who don't have experience and are struggling to find their first job and have low self-esteem and evaluation. No job is better than this job. Don't believe the bs (oh, terrible working conditions so you can get experience and get a real job later!).

Points négatifs

2 year contract, huge fine if you break it, No pay if you aren't being subcontracted, Below market salary.
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Totally a Waste of time

As a new Graduate or as a Jobseeker your worth is more than you know. Concentrate on other companies and don't waste your time here. It's all business and all they care about is their profits. Despite less salary, there is no respect in the company for the employees. All the senior managers and everyone in the higher post they all care about themselves. if you are a part of the company now consider yourself lucky to be fired. I know how it feels to be jobless but this company will completely ruin your career and add bad remarks on your resume.
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I wouldn't recomend to anyone, if even you don't have an experience try to find first job somewhere else.

They will take advantage of you . And if you will be hiered you will have to stay with if them for 2 years , otherwise they will make you pay 30000$. Unless you will be lucky enough, and they will fire you. Not to mention management also will be also very disrespectfull to you. However, they provide decent training , so it is totally up to you. Anyhow , I wouldn't recomend this place to work . to anywo
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Fun Place to learn and start your career

FDM Group has provided me with the bridge to work with one blue chip company i.e. RBC. The trainings at FDM Group has further enhanced my skill set which helped me so much during my 2 years at RBC.
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Great place to kickstart your career and very fun

I enjoyed my time there, it was fun. Every friday there we play games at the last hour of the day. Great place to be if you lack experience they will help train you for the industry.
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OK for starters

It's Okay if it's your fist job... good opportunities but low pay. There are learning opportunities in their jobs, work life balance is OK, would be a nice opportunity for your fist job....
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Worst workplace of all time

This place is a complete scam. Do not bother applying to this place or listen to how they boast about how great they are as a company. If you do go here but don't feel bad if you get kicked out at any point. That's actually more of a blessing than a punishment. Yes, that's how bad this place is
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I was hired as a developer and went on site three months later. I waited one and a half months in the clients office to be assigned a team. Knowing that I am an entry level graduate, the team lead assigned me admin related work for the 9- 10 months that i was there . When I brought this up with the account manager I was told that these skills would help me in the long run. The clients then terminated my contract after 9months and fdm let me go . 10 months later, I can definitely say that this was not a stepping stone for my career in IT.
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It's like a school with strict rules

They have strict dress code private schools . Pay is barely above bare minimum wage. You won't probably get two years of experience as initial contract are of 6 months.
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Worth a shot but beware

FDM is more or less a recruitment firm where you get trained and paid. Sounds good at first but there are some problems. 1. Awful pay. You make minimum wage while in training. Once you get a placement, you will make around $40000 the first year, and $45000 the second. You sign a 2 year contract and if you leave you will be charged a $30000 fee (to cover cost of training supposedly). I don't know about the rest of the locations, but Toronto is EXPENSIVE and you won't have anything left at the end of the month. 2. Training is subpar. The training program lasts around 10 to 16 weeks, depending on what stream you're in. The training goes by very fast and not very in depth. Most of the content is stuff you will learn in university. You probably won't be learning any new or special skills to put you above everyone else out there. Remember this is a recruitment firm at heart and you will be competing with other candidates. It's a good refresher if you already know the stuff but nothing more than that. Definitely not worth anything close to the $30000 they are charging. 3. Waiting for a placement is depressing. After you are done training, you are put in "The Pond", where you wait for interviews to hopefully get a placement somewhere. You're basically still on job search, except you don't choose what jobs you get, the account managers will present them to you. Sometimes you can go weeks without an interview. It's up to you to look busy and keep yourself occupied and not be fired. 4. There is a high turnover rate. There are times when there are a lot of people in The Pond - 
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