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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Faurecia give opportunity to people make their dream come true. In particular our Faurecia Management System is designed to ensure continuous performance improvements.
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The people I worked with were fun . The hours can be demanding. Some jobs are easier than others.

Well after Covid hit we lost a lot of workers . After we returned to work the company was never the same. Very disrespectful to workers . If you need a job and can work all hours and don’t mind having your shift changed every couple months this is the place for you .
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Management basically

Management is good the leaves are fine they need to have food trucks on site for employees for lunch that would be better because there is not enough time to go out or order food in other than that I believe everything is fine

Points positifs

Again they need food trucks

Points négatifs

They need to order food trucks on site for each shift
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productive workplace

good place, good pay in there got nothing bad to say about my time there, its easy to get your head down and get on with it. A typical day would be making dash insulators for Nissan
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Excellent managers, challenging work both in USA and Europe

I was responsible for the industrialization of an automotive seating facility. I was sent to as a liaison to Germany and spent well over a year travelling back and forth to the USA. My managers were excellent, and very supportive.

Points positifs

autonomy, mgt support, compensation, challenges.

Points négatifs

very few.
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Pésima administración

5 personas para llevar una sola área y nadie es capaz de dar solución a los problemas más simples porque ninguno de los 5 es responsable cuando hay problemas. Propones soluciones y en vez de tomar acción solo dicen que no se puede hacer nada. No se respetan los horarios, aunque el contrato diga un horario en la práctica debes estar disponible 24/7 porque tampoco quieren destinar más personal para cubrir las necesidades de la empresa. Es decir, debes hacer las funciones de 2 o 3 personas más.

Points positifs

Fondo de ahorro

Points négatifs

No se respetan los horarios laborales.
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Trabajo típico de operario en cadena. Si consigues que te hagan fijo te regalo una piruleta.No estuve lo suficiente como para averiguar mucho más.
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Competitive work Terrible environment

Management is horrible and the culture of this place needs adjustment for the better of company... Backstabbing at it's Finest at this place as far as advancing goes in this place..
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Nada a declarar

Bom plano de saúde, salário, e benefícios. Com pressão exagerada, caótica, desorganizada, muito focada no lucro.
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Évolution constante et formations en conséquences

J'y suis resté de 1991 à 2009, je changeais de poste environ tous les 3 ans , les formations m'étaient proposées pour améliorer mes conditions de travail au poste et le salaire suivait ensuite.C'est une très bonne boîte dans notre région normande
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Alta carga laboral

La remuneración no va de acuerdo con la carga de trabajo, no hay capacitaciones constantes, las prestaciones son normales

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Très bonne entreprise

Très bonne entreprise, je me sentais à l'aise en production..
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They will suck the life out of you and not think twice about it.

I started at Faurecia a few years ago and the job was reasonable, with good pay and benefits, challenging but not too demanding and career growth was definitely a possibility. Over the last 2-2 1/2 years however, it’s drastically devolved into a toxic work place where management is constantly trying to reduce the bottom line and expect more out of people for less money with even longer hours and almost zero appreciation for the workers on the floor. I would never recommend a person to work here aside from getting some manufacturing experience under their belt but be leery
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Ambiente estresante con muchos jefes y poco apoyo

El modelo administrativo es muy complicado, muchos puestos y muchos jefes pidiendo algo, la cantidad de información y los procesos son muy extenuantes
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Boa empresa

Trabalho em equipa bom. Boa gestão de equipas e horários.
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lo peor de la vida

mi team leader dudaba de la cantidad de trabajo que tenia, no hay equilibrio vida y trabajo

Points positifs


Points négatifs

todo lo que imaginas
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Fast Paced Automobile Industry

Less Work life balance and less salaryMore politicsGood for knowledge development, competitive work challengesForget about leaving office on time after work..

Points positifs

Free Lunch, Bus Facility

Points négatifs

No Work life balance
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Empresa agradável de trabalhar.Com a sua cultura de fazer o correto dando o suporte como treinamento.

Empresa ótima para se trabalhar no administrativo.Fazem sempre a pesquisa de clima com o funcionário, mostrando o que pode melhorar.

Points positifs

Refeição no local, plano de saúde, vale refeição e PPR.
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Si quieres ascender y eres un inutil este es tu sitio

Amiguismo...peloteo.... lo de casi todas, buen sitio para estar si sabes contar chistes
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Los Gerentes son el mayor problema

No hay una buena administración tanto de documentos como de procesos, los gerentes la mayoría de las veces son el problema donde si no saben son déspotas y de mal carácter donde algunos gerentes hasta insultan a su equipo.
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Área de producción

existen muchas irregularidades pero si tienes un buen equipo de trabajo todo resulta mejor
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