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Great workplace and excellent co-workers

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A typical day involved prepping ingredients and grill. Learned how to work in a fast-paced environment with many things to do. Management was fair. Very straight-forward job.
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Good, Productive experience

You get to learn many things that comes helpful in your life too. Time management is the first thing that you learn, fast paced working without stress is also an achievement.
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Horrible work conditions and minimal pay

This is the worst place I've ever worked at. The management always screams at staff members who work very long hours at a very physically tiring job. One time the air conditioner at our location wasn't working for two days. It was +32C outside and you can only imagine the temperature at the grilling area. The owner didn't care about the well-being of their workers and screamed at us for not working effectively enough.

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Points négatifs

Physically tiring job, no tips, minimal pay, arrogant management
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do not work at miltons fbb

i experienced many issues working at fbb in milton ontario. the owners main issues were bad-mouthing the staff and hours being super inconsistent. i applied to work part time and specified that i am a student yet times i was working over 35 hours and sometimes not scheduled for a whole week! common issue is that owners are a little cheap which is understandable because it is a new business.

Points positifs

awesome staff

Points négatifs

underpayed, inconsistent hours and mistreated
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Love working here

People are friendly and patient absolutely a recommendable place to work. They give more hours if needed and one has so much to learn in cooking matters from here

Points positifs

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Working at FBB

I worked at 628 king street the owener is moody, he’s friendly when he needs his work to be done and rude when his motives are over. The staff is partly friendly but the manager is always on head . The work is much more compared to the wage paid.

Points négatifs

Too much work
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I really enjoy working there the staff was very good and I learn many new things which help me a lot to understand how to deal with customers I literally don’t want to leave that work but due to my study I was having no option because it’s important to leave.
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Excellent workplace

Close Knit family once you begin to work there. They make sure to take care of their own, fast paced work environment especially on weekend nights as we were tasked with serving and handling the bar rush.
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There's a lot of responsibility included with the job. I must say my favorite part was working in the back getting things organized for later in the day and making sure there was enough backups that lasted through the night. I also really enjoyed the discount because the burritos are pretty expensive.

Points positifs

Good hours, Great team members, discount
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Productive and fun workplace

Fat Burritos is an amazing workplace, the best place that I have worked at. All the employees are treated fairly and are compensated adequately for their work.
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Amazing Place to work

Greta staff with a great employer. Ability to improve customer service and Food Knowledge. All the ingredients s and products are homemade so no frozen stuff for longer than 2-3 days.
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loved it

Best management Great customer base Great Training Flexible hours great workplace culture Treated you like famiLY Kept things fresh and fun and happy
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Fun to work

Friendly environment and really good staff and management. I learned making really nice burritos slowly and still if there is anything to be taken care of, everyone discusses it openly.

Points positifs

50% off on food for staff

Points négatifs

Everyone has to do everything. No fixed duty
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fun place to work with different cultures

friendly people. it is always fun to work with people from other cultures we learn a lot about them. here I learned to build burritos and to get along with people.
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Good first time job

Co-workers were amazing, the owner was nice when they were in a good mood. If not, it can get very frustrating. Hours would get switched, sometime I would get a shift on days both the owner and I new I couldn’t work, but they didn’t care. (For school mainly) About 60% of the time we were understaffed.

Points positifs

Easy going

Points négatifs

Scheduling conflicts, hours are low
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Always overworked, no organizational skills or management at all

One of my least favourite places to work. Although i managed to work under stressful situations and at a fast pace, employer was rude and inappropriate, no sense of professionalism in my experience.
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workplace setting

there's food prep. always making sure that back it is sanitary and clean dishes must always be clean after use clean spills if any always be friendly it is okay if you mess up your learning.

Points positifs

staff get food prices half off

Points négatifs

long hours
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good workplace

serving many university students and other customers, learned to work better in a fast paced environment. hardest part of the job is being able to keep all the online orders stably given out.
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Quick paced

Hot, especially in summer. Owner was unreliable but a good person. Management was good Most coworkers slacked too much Clean had problems with homeless people coming in and yelling passed health inspections always this was when I was there, but company was sold shortly after

Points positifs

5 dollar lunch

Points négatifs

hot, stressful
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A lot of the problems I had with my specific experience had to do with the people I had to work with, which frankly changed a lot. That kind of set up a wonky and unstable work culture.

Points positifs

Discount on delicious food

Points négatifs

Disliked management and they couldn't keep a stable staff
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Owner Was Terrible

Job consisted of the owner constantly demeaning all his employees for being "unable" to do things the correct way but then constantly asking his employees how to operate and use the tools as well as how things are done. Heard owner once call a darker skinned Dominican employee his slave. Had multiple complaints yet nothing happened. Owner talks down on customers as well and always shows up late when he is needed. Expects employees to stay past their shift is over to help clean up and help switch to night staff but doesn't pay for the extra time worked, also never paid any of the employees the tips that were given to us via. the machine.

Points positifs

Employees were young and fun

Points négatifs

Owner was the worst boss I've ever had
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