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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Bonne place pour un étudiant qui souhaite faire du temps partiel. Horaire flexible et boss compréhensible. Un travail autonome. Le seul problème c'est le taux horaire qui pourrait être mieux pour la variété des tâches.
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Not bad

Decent pay, room to grow, would have stuck around longer but changed career fields.Good position to start out of school with the opportunity for growth.
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Good place to start

Fastenal is a great place to work. Good management and independence. You can work at your pace and they have a flexible schedule. I highly recommend.
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Good staff, amazing people

great job, with amazing opportunities, staff are all friendly and helpful. Very flexible if you are in school or need time off. I would recommend this job to any student.
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Informations sur Fastenal

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Points forts

  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels

Points à améliorer

  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues


Great experience everyday. Everyday you learn something new and create relationships with people in different fields. You are responsible for many aspects of your job
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Great Company!

Great company with a promote from within philosophy! Plenty of different opportunities to satisfy a number of different roles and responsibilities. The ability to relocate is awesome as well!
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Work environment

Work on Fastenal literally sucks, worst place job ever, I recommend work here only in a emergency situation they don't pay extra time even if you work late, and you as sales representative or associate ect have to clean the restroom, warehouse and office because they are cheap and don't pay for this service

Points positifs

Monday to friday

Points négatifs

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Fun but not rewarding

As an outside sales representative, I've spent more time doing counter sales, receiving and cycle counts than be on the road. However the times I was on the road doing deliveries it was fun interacting with customers
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Good place to learn with growth opportunities

This is a fast-paced job with lots of growth opportunities as the company keeps growing. You will learn from different aspects of the business (sales, inventory management, AR, logistics, purchasing), but depends a lot on the branch management how much you can learn and how far you can grow.Good place to start your career and look forward for short-mid term promotions, but at upper levels there are way less opportunities and may be the time to look somewhere else.
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Relaxed work environment with a great team

Fastenal helped mold my position to suit my home life and increase their daily productivity by my willingness to start earlier in the day so the deliveries could get out to the customer at the start of the day. Also meant I could get in my 9 hours and be home mid-afternoon. Management in the store was great as was the office girl and sales guys. Always willing to lend a hand where needed, we worked as a team. Upper management not in the store was quick to have ideas for improvement but didn't follow through or wasn't involved in our branch enough to really see how great we were doing.Opportunities to go anywhere in the company and anywhere in the country were always available. Overall, excellent place to work

Points positifs

Flexibility and oppportunities for advancement

Points négatifs

Pay could be better
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Great place to work, Good pay rewarding career growth. In your hands to control how much you are making. A great team with a great district manger behind you
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So so

Management is resistant to suggestions from employees. Apparently, they know it all. The pay is good but the work environment is just OK. The job is physically demanding and requires working at night doing store deliveries. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to go home.
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Productive and Fun

Fastenal can be a fun and rewarding job. There is room for growth and lots of training for development. Unfortunately with the wrong management in place the job can be very stressful.
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Let’s take control of your BOB

They let you take control of your BOB.good group of people to work with. If your full time you get Health and dental benefits also 2 weeks paid vacation, that upgrades to 3 after 5 years of work.
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Try to make you kiss the ground they walk on for providing the bare required minimum essentials of the job

Try to make you kiss the ground they walk on for providing the bare required minimum essentials of the job, won’t even provide you with an adequate WFH set up 😂 this place is a joke. Steer clear of this place unless it is a warehouse position.

Points positifs

No working weekends

Points négatifs

Benefits suck
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Excellent place to work

Fastwnal provides a great work environment with plenty of potential for advancement. Flexible work schedule and lots of training provided. Job opportunities are posted within the company before being publicly posted.
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Gud company

Gud company and gud pay but they have all night shift if anybody likes to work at night then it’s a gud company pay on pay rolls u will get gud money gud staff
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You can make most of the role but like any role you reach it max

Fastenal as a company are good and the people I have met are excellent. Good people, job and good challenges. The pay could be a lot better than it is though. I have learnt a lot here from bottom to up and would recommend that to anyone. They teach you well and you do have make the most of your skill set of being hardworking, ambitious and also being a solution provider. Like any other job, there are some mundane tasks. The supply chain is also good, 95% of the time, product does come on time. But that 5% can be like Murphys Law, however this can be eradicated if you know how to work the channels to provide solutions. The people are great and definitely make the culture/environment. The only gripe with the company is that the pay doesn't reflect the stress in any role. The PT roles I feel the pay is decent. The Full-time roles, not so much, although it's higher on the commission side in terms of bonuses, it also can lead to renumaration not being consistent, which of course is dependent on growth and how stable the branch is. There will be good/bad days.If the base was higher with a fairly decent commission % this would be an amazing job.

Points positifs

Support, Culture, Internal promotions, Training, People

Points négatifs

Pay on the Base side, not enough support at the branch level, constant feeling of feeling you haven't done enough
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Good workplace

Nice working environment, friendly colleagues, and teamwork. You can learn certain skills and knowledge here, which will help you grow your career. The work pressure will not be very high, but the salary will also not be too high, unless you are engaged in sales and have a commission as a supplement.
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Excellent place to work for in my opinion.

Coming from 8 years at another company where if you were sick you were made fun of and bullied from taking time off to me messaging my manager "Hey i'm not feeling too good but i can still do orders i think" and them telling me to just stay home and get better, that was kind of a shock for me, still is. As long as your partner that does orders isnt off on holidays you can take off whenever. The job culture is good and i'm very proud to work where i work. The pay is fantastic. There are some stressful times of course like with all jobs but i genuinely enjoy where i work and can see myself working here for a while :)

Points positifs

Free lunches, good PTO, Dont have to feel bad for calling in sick, Fun work environment
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