Farm Boy
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Si vous deviez quitter Farm Boy, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • Micro managing to the max!;!!!

  • Poor management

  • If don't treat with respect would leave

  • The worst experience I ever had in all the years I have been in the business. Owners and CEO are the only good thing about the company. But management is an absolute atrocious experience

  • Poor Management.
    Improper training.

    Unrealistic expectations.

    Demanding work load.

    Lack of communication.

    Too much delegation by management

    Disrespected by managers

  • Poor Management. A Few of the managers are amazing but a lot of them are unprofessional, selfish and don’t care about their staff. As soon as your gone you are easily replaced without a care. No empathy for their employees.

  • No sense of job security

  • Bypolar management.

  • Very poor management who aren't always professional and will pick favorites

  • High expectations but not given the proper training, scheduling and support requires. Managers can be rude and arrogant. People mostly are great, and friendly. But that is outweighed (for me) by the faults. Each shift is like swimming upstream trying to get all the tasks done. I have asked for more support and although the store manager is supportive, I have not seen real changes that would lead me to stay.

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  1. Si vous deviez quitter Farm Boy, quelle en serait la raison?