Farm Boy
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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Farm Boy pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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  • I would offer employees regular motivational training.

  • Look at overall training and time spent with all employees. Continue to build on the primary salaries and wages for employees.

  • If people leave for health reasons do not turn it on them as being the bad ones. Investigate the situation and go from there. I've been trying to come back to farm boy for years now but due to how I left I never once got a reply from my applications. I really enjoyed my job and wanted to stay there for years to come. Unfortunately I was a victim of harassment and now I am to blame for it.

  • Pay close attention to your managers and some of your specialists. They will soon be the down fall of what could have been a great company. To much favouritism and lack of maturity and experience

  • Learn how to appreciate the people working for you. These people are clearly passionate about their work and are willing to attempt to see it through. Don't risk losing amazing staff who could be running the company one day.

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