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  • Taille de l'entreprise
    501 à 1000
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    De 25 à 100 millions $ (CAD)
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    Vente au détail et en gros
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    Farm Boy - Site internet
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General Laborer (Seasonal) (Ottawa East, ON)
le 23 janvier 2020
Avis général
Je trouve cet endroit pénible pour travailler. Les heures pour ceux qui travail avec les agences sont incertaines. Le froid est un obstacle et les superviseurs ne respectent pas le personnel surtout ceux qui viennent des agences. Je ne recommande pas ce lieu. Le salaire est juste le minimum requis.
Manager (St. Catharines, ON)
le 27 juin 2022
Brutal company. Great products, great staff. Senior leadership is a joke. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Not given an exit interview upon my dismissal as they don’t want to hear the truth.
Production Manager (Barrie, ON)
le 15 juin 2022
Unprepared store opening made everything terrible
Their biggest issue with the opening of the Barrie location was the terrible decision to only train about 20% of the employees before store opened. the city was so excited about the grand opening so it was always busy. having MANY untrained people was a terrible mix. And when they hired new people to help, the people already there were so burnt out that they didnt get trained well either. Really rough situation to work in, I am very appreciative and pleased with my new job. I learned a lot about myself and others while working at farm boy so I wouldn't say I regretted it. I would not suggest seeking employment here. I'm not sure if Barrie location will ever get it together. If you know your self worth, don't apply.
CSR - Customer Service Representative (Toronto, ON)
le 15 juin 2022
Over encumbering loads of work
Minimum wage for constant stress by the end of the day. Forced participation on mindless quizzes. Constant teaching with no pay raise to accommodate while balancing my own chores.Nearly all of their food info is online instead of labelled on their packaging. Makes it very awkward to tell someone when they're shopping in-person that they should "research before coming in."Anyone working 8+ hours has a mandated 30-min break that automatically deducts 30 minutes off your paycheck. No extra training on extremely common requests (details omitted).Personal manager is great. Other managers are few and far in-between.Hostile design overall in the store includes: - Not enough information in-store for customers to help themselves (i.e. ingredients/allergies/gluten/wild caught-farm raised)- Discount grocery shelves are not labelled and are placed on an inconspicuous trolley- Common condiments are placed lower so that Farm Boy can market their condiments on higher shelvesThe hardest part of the job is having to deal with the coworkers. In none of the case is it their fault, it's purely the workplace itself not providing training beforehand and placing it on the little guys to teach people.The easiest part of the job is non-existent.
Cook (Cambridge, ON)
le 10 juin 2022
Bad place to work
As someone one who worked in two locations I worked in the first one for long time management was good store manger good treaded good people over there were nice and kind the second one store manger very bad not helpful give you extra stress doesn’t expect even small mistakes closing shifts so bad always people canceling there shifts company need to work more on the closing shifts and get more people otherwise no one will stay they pay poorly but benefits are good and people who work there are good but other then that it’s bad place to work

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