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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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J'ai adoré faire partie de cet entreprise. Ce fut le plus bel endroit de travail que j'ai vécu. Nous faisons partie de l'équipe et nous le sentons à chaque instant. Nous partageons notre quotidien avec des gens merveilleux. Le Château vient à nous appartenir personnellement et c'est enrichissant.

Points positifs

Possibilité d'avancement.
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Amazing place

Amazing colleagues, workplace, advantages. Would 100% recommend working for Fairmont. They take good care of their employees, treat them with respect and value their opinions.
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Good place to work and enjoy sky

Good place to work. There a lot benefits. They provide housing accommodations and sky pass and much more. Some times it' stressful. But over all .it was a great experience. I miss whistler
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Nice place to work

a typical day at work, cleaning roomwhat you believe you learned, attention to detailmanagement, goodworkplace culture, goodthe hardest part of the job, dirty stuffthe most enjoyable part of the job, nothing really
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good workplace

workplace is fair and pay is good, only thing is due to seniority, even during busy season (sept-dec), 'full-time' employees only get 4 days a week, rest of the year we get 2 days a week, so its great but you need another job
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Work hard hard

Work hard hard I enjoyed working there. I was encouraged to work hard and put in my best. I was also adequately compensated. The work environment was not toxic.
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Great job, often busy.

Pros : Fair pay, good benifits, strong union, friendly coworkers and supportive management, travel discounts.Cons : Aging building, occasionally guests are snobby, high turnover in some departments and it can be very busy at times.Overall a great place to work in a nice location. Large company with lots of sideways mobility within the union or more broadly the hotel chain. Breaking into a management position is not impossible. Good for both a summer job, or a career.
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Good Place to Work

- Pros: large company with many locations, perks and benefits, travel opportunities, job security.- Cons: Below average pay, long hours, little career advancement.
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Great place

I worked here back almost 20 years ago, and still think of the great days I had in Banff. I went there as a 19 year old, leaving the east coast of Canada for 6 month. I was not expecting a whole lot, but, was I wrong.The job itself if physically demanding, but the staff and management made going to work everyday fun. I made life long friends in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.I plan to take my son on a vacation to Banff in a few years, when he is a more experienced skier to show him my love for the Canadian Rockies.It must have been quite the time, if im still picturing it like it was yesterday, and not almost 20 years ago.
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Mentors and Growth

I reflect fondly on my time with Fairmont Hotels as it was a great way to launch my career in operations management. I found the organization was a good place to grow and explore different job areas in hospitality - positioning anyone for a solid career in the industry.It's important to find yourself a mentor to help your growth - they'll help you find new opportunities to learn new skills and to thrive.
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good place to meet people from around the world

Good place. Paid accommodation, free all you can eat cafeteria for the housekeeping department (4 dollars if not). Staff rentals have you with 2 roommates which isn't great. Single staff housing takes forever to become available.A word of caution though. The housekeeping department sucks. You will be worked to the bone and you will have to wait 6 months before you can change to another department.
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Efficient and fast paced work environment with dynamic demands

What is the best part of working at the company?healthy and various food options on breaks, union perksWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?high stress most days, heavy physical workload expectationsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?There are a lot of dedicated employees. Wages are usually above other jobs in the industry. What is a typical day like for you at the company?uniform and clocking in, meet for the start of the day and get assignments, work until you wanted to take lunch, and finish the day when you've done your work and maybe help out if you finish early.
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Loved the company. Benefits, perks and pay outstanding. Staff and management amazing. Just one issue with one manager for the most part. And sine staff take what they offer for granted. But anyone in hospitality industry needs to work here at least once. You won't regret it. My moment's into memory's.

Points positifs

Free food, cheap hotel stay, wage, benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, can be super stressful, heavy work loads
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OK place to work

Ownership is far too invested in employees day to day actions. That's why you hire managers. Place can be an absolute gong show. Definitely a good hotel but it's not for everyone
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Work hard play hard

Great place with great management. Work is not too hectic and hours are good for salaried people as well. Plenty of staff to cover. A lot of cross trainings available and they genuinely care about your development.
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The worst experience

Benefits and wage are good beyond that is the worst hotel I’ve ever worked, They don’t care at all about people, terrible schedules, split days off, no breaks, poor management…

Points positifs

Benefits, discounts

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Amazing summer job!

Great way to explore the West Coast. Travel benefits through Fairmont are unmatched. Servers made much more money than bartenders. Sometimes can be long hours in the Summer with tour groups
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Great for new cullinary students.

Great opportunity for new people to the industry just be ready to work 48-50 hours a week, but the job is full of learning. Management would work with me to give me shifts in departments I wanted to learn skills in.

Points positifs

Mandatory breaks with a provided staff meal.

Points négatifs

Long hours and inconsisstent schedules
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So so workplace not as amazing as they portray it be

What is the best part of working at the company?Fairmont is a global brand so being associated with this will definitely increase your desirability in the labour marketWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Leaders that do not have accountability. Everyone thinking that they are the best which hinders improvement. Messy operations. Union is too demanding and uncooperative sometimesWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic - majority are superficial, office politics is ugly. Seems that everyone has their agenda. Favoritism is also something apparentWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Everyday is just a struggle to survive. I didnt feel that my job was securely
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The drawbacks outweigh the benefits

Compared to the strenuous labor conditions in developing countries, where many endure grueling 12-hour workdays, physical hardships, and reside in crowded dormitories, this job is considerably less demanding. Nevertheless, when viewed from the perspective of more developed regions, such as working here as a room attendant, it may receive only a one-star rating.1) Demanding Work EnvironmentWithin an exceptionally rigorous and high-pressure work environment, colleagues are acutely aware of the exacting standards for room cleanliness. While we diligently strive to meet these standards, achieving absolute cleanliness is nearly impossible, particularly on bustling days when we are tasked with completing a room within a 30-minute window. Supervisors may approach you for a discussion over a single stray piece of hair on the floor or a speck of dust discovered behind beds, sofas, or TV cabinets. To endure this role over the long term, developing a thick skin is essential, as is the resilience to handle frequent discussions centered around cleanliness with management. It's worth noting that this situation applies to everyone on the team.2) High Turnover RateThere is a considerable turnover rate among employees, even extending to managerial positions, which undermines the team's overall performance, communication, collaboration, sense of belonging, and governance effectiveness. Given the varying criteria of different management layers, changes in leadership necessitate adaptation to new work procedures. This provides insight into the challenges of maintaining a long-term career - 

Points positifs

Company perks such as meal benefits, affordable employee dormitories

Points négatifs

Demanding Work Environment, High Turnover Rate, Unpaid Overtime Pressures
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No change to growing up if you are not close with managers Stressful Workplace cultureDirectors and human resources poor relations they are selective
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