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What is the company culture at Extendicare Health Services, Inc.?

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  • Always bullied by management and told the job comes before our family md children even as a single parent . Our jobs are held over our head . Always short lf psw's which increases the work load when we already have alot on our plate fully staff.

  • My mother and sister they all work for healthcare and medical system. I'm assuming the culture in there is rather diverse and busy.

  • The company culture is based on inclusion and good morals. There was no sense of separation between our coworkers. It was a professional yet relaxing work environment. The value of hard work ethic and good morals were of utmost importance.

  • You will be bullied by mgmt. and peers day in and day out. Cruel ignorant people.

  • A lot of negativity

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  • Presumably busy, they are always looking for staff to assist clients. seems to be alot of call ins from staff as there is always a list of clients to attend to

  • Very busy and unorganized! You

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  1. What is the company culture at Extendicare Health Services, Inc.?