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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Extendicare pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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  • Stop treating candidates like they are outsiders who have nothing of value to add; the interviews are horendous and they are looking to continue the old girls club of hiring and it is a systemic issue that continues in the 21st century (women will be hired over men 9 times out of 10...or perhaps 10 times out of 10). Diversify your workforce as in age, gender, experience, etc., and stop looking for only students to fill the positions. Value employees at all levels and stop paying minimum wage or just above minimum wage - also stop the 'CASUAL' jobs, as they are just jokes; you can get volunteers instead.

  • If the turn over rate is high, look at the management. Time for a change

  • Having a work -home balance, respecting the employees that are the back bone to the success of the company that provide the care and nutrition. Stopping the madatory overtime where we are told our job is suppose to come before our families, even when were single parents. Retraining Management on how to be successful and reviewing the pay. The amount of time and pressure we have lf always working short and still expected the same results really takes a toll . Also reevaluating how many PSW to resident ratio works . Its not fair to the residents or the PSW's.

  • In my opinion dont matter who you working for or company.
    Need to value each others effort and give them respect.

  • Value your workforce

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  • To believe their staff and not to be so insecure in their job to do their job.

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  1. Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Extendicare pour améliorer l'entreprise?