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Si vous deviez quitter Express Employment Professionals, quelle en serait la raison?

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If I start to feel that they have no integrity, and are feeding people a line of b.s. I'm gone. If they can sleep soundly at night with feeding people b.s. those people I don't associate with. Honesty should be #1

They are totally selfish, they don't care about the workers at all.... they make promises they can't keep, they're only in it for the money, whatever you do..... try not to get injured on the jobsite!!!!!!, they will go against you, they'll have you do modified work, AT THEIR OFFICE!!!! So in other words...... you're doing the other staffs work, while they get paid to sit on their butts!!!!, I definitely would never ever recommend this place. Please people..... Apply somewhere, they promise you everything but a rose garden..... I can't believe they are still open... They take advantage of people who are vulnerable.... makes me sick..... We do all the work,

Inconsistency with schedule among other things

Full time employment at a respectable wage

Assigning me to different places
i want to get a full time permanent job that will enable me to settle and focus on my future.

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