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Toxic Management
IT Desktop Support (Ancien employé) –  Burlington, ON17 juin 2018
- Some great people that you work with and for
- Management used to be a good during most of my time there
- No micromanagement
- Exposed to some interesting technology within the R&D

I’ll split this into two sections, one about the department I worked in specifically and the other about the company in general.

The department I worked in:
- Management’s behavior became toxic during the last year that I
was there. Examples of their behavior included;
harassing/spying on people, openly insulting them, accusing
them of things without evidence, suddenly changing their hours
and responsibilities without reason and gloating about all the
complaints made about them to the HR department.
- Management’s attendance was poor, showed up late and left
early or didn’t even show up at all and notify anyone.
- Management would blame others for their poor decisions and
was resistant to suggestions to improve processes within the
department due to their outdated IT knowledge.
- Very high turnover rate.

Company in general:
- Below average salary and benefits.
- Rampant nepotism throughout management in the company.
- Decent turnover rate overall.
- HR is powerless to address any complaints about certain
managers who are friends with the owners of the company.
- Very cheap when it comes to providing employees the
necessary equipment to do their jobs efficiently.
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