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(I worked in the sales department)

NO Training. I was taught how to log into the sales system. I was given a product catalogue(s). And then left on my own.

Calls are everything here. I would call a client who would ask me to email them some information. After the call, I would (try) to email the information but be told that "administrative" tasks needed to be done "outside of work hours". If you're not on the phone for your entire shift and THEN stay late to do everything else you need to do - you're not doing your job (as per their standards).

You're not allowed to take a lunch break. Forget leaving the building to go and get lunch - even if you sit at your desk to eat, you're expected to make calls/work during that time.

I was told the above policies verbally by the HR person and other employees alike, but wasn't able to get them in writing. They're very, very sneaky.

Prepare to be asked to LIE to customers. About anything and everything. Honesty isn't a policy here. Everything from questions about product to deliveries.

If you're looking for a place with a good work culture - this is NOT the place for you.

If you're able to completely separate your emotions from work - to call people, deal with abuse from angry clients and sometimes from the owner - maybe you'll be okay.
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Once they gave me a Donut.
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