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Avis des employés pour Communication Specialist chez Esri

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Communication Specialist1 avis
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This company is doing some really great work. Their employees are passionate about what they do. The trouble is with the management - Very toxic.I demonstrated that I was capable of taking on alot and they responded in kind by loading me up with work. When it came time for advancement, I was looked over despite having a huge body of work and achievements. They ended up hiring an MBA grad whom I ended up hand-holding.

The hardest part of my job was navigating a toxic management culture. They promote people to key positions who do not possess the skills necessary to manage people. Instead they opt for education credentials when promoting and time on the job. Don't get me wrong, time on the job is an important consideration but the reality is some people are simply not cut out to people manage. It would be okay if they supported these managers/directors with leadership coaching but frankly ESRI suprisingly does not see the value in that.

I thoroughly enjoyed my job, I had the opportunity to work on so many exciting writing/projects.
Points positifs
Interesting work
Points négatifs
Long hours, very little recognition
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