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COVID-19 Response

To Our Community:

At Elite Digital Inc, safety is our top priority and all decisions this year have been made strictly from a health and safety perspective. Since March, 2020, we have been practicing all of the proper steps to “flatten the curve” and keep ourselves and our society safe. We are proud to report that we have not laid off any employees throughout the entire pandemic as we have been able to operate in full force through working from home and remote/virtual platforms. Due to this, we will continue to work from home until we feel it is the right time to go back.

Plans for the future include:

o Open concept office with room to social distance drop-in

o Appointment style trips to the office

o Sanitization stations with automatic dispensers and more

On behalf of the entire Elite team, please know that we will be here for you when you need us as we face this head-on together; unified in our commitment and united in our abilities to face whatever may come next.


Elite Digital Inc.

About Us

We are a full-service, award-winning digital marketing agency located in Toronto. For over 15 years we have fused together marketing savvy with cutting-edge digital skills to deliver campaigns that drive results.

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What We Offer:

o Mentorship, Training, and Development

We pride ourselves in our fearless feedback system that gives our employees the option to be anonymous or not, without repercussions either way. We appreciate relevant and honest information from our team members as we want our them to be a part of the solution for building our brand and company. They always have been, and always will be part of our success. At Elite Digital, we don’t pigeonhole employees. Members of the Elite family do not have specific roles as we provide them with the opportunity to collaborate with different projects and teams to grow their tool kits and gain value. We also host weekly ‘Lunch and Learns’ on virtual platforms and offer courses for employees that want to expand their knowledge and learning. We are constantly striving to help employees enhance their skills and guide them to pursue what they are passionate about.

o Online Company Events

At Elite Digital, we host a ton of team building exercises and fun challenges to create strong relationships and facilitate team bonding among our family. Once a month we celebrate all of the employee birthdays over digital platforms where we can take a second to relax, catch up, and enjoy some socialization. We host the ‘House Cup’, where every two weeks we have different themed challenges such as scavenger hunts or trivia. We also host the ‘Elite Summer Games’ which is a weekly, fun challenge where we ask employees to show us their morning coffee mugs, or their home office set-up. These challenges are always conducted virtually to make sure everyone can participate. These have been created to add some fun and lightness to everyone’s workload and the current circumstances we are all facing.

o Strong Company Culture

We work in an agile environment - we can pivot, grow, and do exciting things quickly. We also give our employees an opportunity to be a part of creating those exciting things; they help create processes, policies and build templates. They help build the success of the company, which in turn, helps build their own brand and legacy. Our CEO, Robert Burko, has always been very forward thinking in his nature and personally reaches out to employees on a regular basis through as many mediums as possible. At Elite, we don’t want employees to feel like a number as each and every one of them is an integral part of the team and the success of the company. We support each other through work and personal life. We are family, we are one team.

o Extended Medical Coverage

Our employees are number one and we want to give them the best medical coverage to give back for their hard work, especially during these tough times.

o We Value Diversity

We are an extremely multi-cultural and diverse workplace. The way we see it, the more diverse we are, the more well-rounded our perspectives are.

o Work Life Balance

We don’t want our employees to be over worked as we believe in the work life balance. We believe employees do their best work when they are less stressed and have time to enjoy life outside of work.

o We Value Mental Health

Mental health is extremely important to us and has always been our CEO’s number one priority for the company. We provide free counselling sessions for all employees and make sure to always provide an open communication and support system for our employees.

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We strive for excellence for all our clients. We have worked for leading industry brands such as Doritos, PepsiCo, Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto, Zostavax, Cineplex and many more!

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