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Many advisors have been successful at Edward Jones but unless you have a large network or family connections within the company it is an uphill battle to establish yourself.
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Fast paced yet fun place to work

Lots to do everyday! Financial advisor is amazing. It’s a wonderful opportunity! Clients are great. Lovely view of Sidney from desk. Supportive co-workers and room to grow!
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Solid company culture, pay could be better

Good company to work for overall. They definitely showed care for their employees and family. However, the starting pay was quite low and there was limited support for leads or new clients, other than whatever you could doorknock yourself.
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Great pay, great bonuses

It's a great company to work for if you get the right boss, if not it can be bad. Pros - great pay and bonuses, cons, if you get the wrong boss, watch out.
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Boa's need to be paid more. They rely on the FA for bonuses. 2 people per branch.No room to grow unless you want to become an FA. Lots of turnaround in some branches.
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Can be an excellent place to work, but do your homework, every opportunity is not the same

I really enjoyed the comradery, training, and support at Edward Jones. The Edward Jones analysts are among the best in North America and you will be confident following their portfolio recommendations/guidance for your clients. There is a significant gap between advisors who are taking over existing offices, relative to beginning from scratch, and this can be/is largely out of your control. This is the difference between having little office support (including no office), to having a seasoned administrative assistant, an office, and some clients to serve. Many of the most successful have waited out those who leave and then distribute your clients among themselves. If you are in your 20's and 30's, have the ability to work hard and be patient, it is a fantastic place to work. Easier transition if you are an experienced Financial Advisor with a healthy portfolio you might approach EJ on joining with additional compensation.Overall, I have a lot of respect for this company and how they operate and I continue to invest with them.

Points positifs

You are your own boss, with enough flexibility. Great satisfaction working with great clients.

Points négatifs

If no existing portfolio it will be several years of 6 day weeks and 12 hour days.
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Mediocre at best. Very stressful environment.

Stressful, terrible training, rushed. Seems making money is most important for management. No real sincerity for workers. Felt very unsettling there often.

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Points négatifs

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Client centred

Edward jones is a large corporation however the offices are tun independent. Each office is one financial advisor and one office administrator. This is great for most tasks as there are not to “ many hands in the cookie jar” however it can be a complex situation just having two people.

Points positifs

Only two person office

Points négatifs

No job coverage for office administrator
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Excellent Company

Ecellent company, great support from fellow BOAs and Home Office. Excellent onboard training. Vast amount of resources. Client focused. Truly a company that prioritizes clients above all.
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Good company to work for

A company with fair pay but not competitive.Comfortable and you get to learn a lot about financing, processes in Estate, investment and registered plan. If you want, there is opportunity to learn about mutual funds, how it works, how it invests. Quite a rewarding position if you're interested in financing. Lots of opportunities for growth horizontally
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We work for the client and develop long term relationships

Typical days include: handling all calls and determine if need to talk to financial advisor or if I can help with admin tasks; deposits, transfers, EFT funds, account maintenance, technology, contact schedules for meetings, setting up appointments, estate administration, event management and much more. Every day has a variety of challenges and you must be able to know and understand the many regulatory rules and compliance policies. Can place trades at the direction of licensed advisor. Serving clients with utmost discretion and understanding what is most important to them in achieving their financial goals.
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Pay and benefit not that fair. BOA No way to be treat least fair. I know So many unfair on BOA who they communicate privately

BOA never be treated as fair and reasonable. FA is the only boss in the office. Take lots of advantage of BOA from work and personal life. How can be least fair? No way at all. The fact is BOA always have to babysitter FA but with least pay. I knew so many BOA just have to bear and keep in silence in order not to lost job. Lots of overwhelmed story in different branch.
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Great Company, Transparent, Supportive

EJ is an excellent retirement savings company, with access to most recommended stocks and mutual funds, as well as the banks products. Not forced or incentivized to push proprietary products, and has great transparency. Ideal if you are coming from another company, to negotiate compensation for $/% of your book and then enjoy increases workplace autonomy.
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Good firm to start with and get trained

Doorknocking is never fun, but if you start young it really helps you build a thick skin for the role in the future. People care to a certain point, which is nice.
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Stressful and awkward

The office format is very difficult and discouraging. The organization knows the branch office administrators are the bones of the system and yet the BOA is underpaid and completely at the discretion of the FA . If you have decades of admin experience, bypass this company and keep looking.
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No Advancement

If your Financial Advisor does not advance then you will be stuck at a low pay. Branches are two people, the Financial Advisor and the Branch Office Administrator. The Branch Office Administrator does most of the work without a license and yet the pay back is very low. If you do not get along with your FA HR will side with the FA because they are who they consider their main asset gatherer. Bonuses are dependent on your FA, if they do not like you then you wont get much of a bonus even though you work hard, this also ties in with your performance review, HR will side with the FA and give you a low rating which is not fair.
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Perks are only for Advisors, very little offered to motivate the Branch Office Managers.

Edward Jones has an excellent training program for Branch Office Administrators but the salary range is very low and the benefits are minimal. A lot of one's success depends on the personality of the Advisor we are assigned to, if the Advisor does not appreciate your efforts then there is very little by way of moving up the corporate ladder.

Points positifs

Good training program.

Points négatifs

Low Pay, No perks.
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You will be promised a lot, don't count on it. The advisors are given cart blanch when it comes to how the administration is paid. With most advisors, money is their God so don't count on being treated like a "team member" and given fair bonuses. Alot of it is lip service.
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Good place to work

Depends on the Financial Advisor, some are good and some are bad, pay is standard, but with bonuses it can be very good, but bonuses depend on the Financial Advisor and how generous he wants to be.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Financial Advisors can be bad at times.
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Independent branch and bad branch culture

Since the branches are independent, some of the FA’s can treat the BOAs any how without any recognition to humanity. If you are lucky to get selected to work for a good FA, you will love working there. It is high time the HQ start taking this reviews seriously and start working to better the branches. One bad nut will spoil the taste of the soup. If the FA doesn’t like you, they will do everything possible to dehumanize you and make you look Incompetent until you end up leaving or they find a way to get rid of you.

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Bad culture at some branch
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Disjointed organization

If you end up in a good branch with a respectful FA it's OK. No job growth opportunities for BOAs and salary is fairly low for what the job entails.

Points positifs

Great for self starters and people who prefer to work solo.

Points négatifs

Low salary, workload is dependent on the type of FA you have. Can be extremely high or very slow.
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