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4,0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Choisir son propre horaire c’est bien… Mais le travail en soit est très instable et dur de faire un budget… C’est le seul gros point faible de se travail.
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Maintaining good attendance is an important part of employee performance. Here are some examples of phrases used in performance evaluations for various industries:Maintained good attendance throughout the yearRespectful of their co-workers’ time by arriving at team meetings on timeConsistently arrived on time to company-wide meetings and training sessions
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  • Absence de stress
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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  • Environnement favorable
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Set own schedule

Doordash barely charges customers a base fee therefore we drivers make nothing unless customers tip which they do not tip enough to make up for the distance and the amount of gas it takes to deliver. Not worth the time
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Environement de travail agréable

L'horaire est à ma convenance. Découverte et meilleure connaissance de mon quartier.Le service tech/clientèle est impeccable et règle la situation s'il y a lieu.Lorsque j'ai commencé avec DoorDash, il y a 2 ans il y avait beaucoup de commandes, devenir Top Dasher était facile, + de liberté, plus besoin de réserver les plages horaires six jours à l'avance, mais il semble avoir beaucoup plus de dasher dans mon arrondissement, je continue quand même d'en faire parce que j'aime ça.

Points positifs

Livrer du bonheur, les clients sont contents.

Points négatifs

Pas assez de commandes pour ma disponibilité.
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easy job that fits into any schedule.

Job is easy but pay is terrible most times less than minimum wage after accounting for gas money. rarely get tips. Only choose this if you are a student with a strict schedule and have a car you don't mind putting kms into.

Points positifs

you pick your schedule

Points négatifs

bad pay
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Exploite les employés et salaire couper régulièrement

Je ne recommande pas de travailler pour Doordash. Cette compagnie exploite les employés les paye parfois 4,50$ pour plus de 20km. Parfois l'application bug donc si vous travailler à temps plein vous perdre beaucoup d'heure de travail à cause de cela. Aucune aide de la part du support qui la plupart du temps s'excuse sans trouver de solution concret à votre problème. Beaucoup de problème à régler avec cette plate-forme qui était autrefois très profitable pour les employés comme les clients...
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Good place to work

I enjoyed working there. My manager was very friendly and I was encouraged to work hard and put in my best. I was also adequately compensated. The work environment was not toxic
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ChatGPTWorking at DoorDash has been a mixed experience. On the positive side, the flexibility of choosing your own schedule is a major advantage. It allows you to work whenever it suits you, making it a suitable option for individuals with other commitments or those seeking a side gig. Additionally, the app is user-friendly, making it easy to accept and complete orders.However, there are downsides to consider. First and foremost, the pay can be unpredictable and inconsistent. DoorDash utilizes a variable pay structure, which means earnings can fluctuate greatly depending on factors like order volume and tips. This lack of stability can be frustrating and make it difficult to rely on as a primary source of income.Moreover, the nature of the job can be physically demanding. Constantly driving and delivering orders can take a toll on your body, especially during peak hours. Additionally, customer interactions, though generally pleasant, can occasionally be challenging or frustrating.
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Travail agréable

Emploie de livraison tubpeux géré toi même tes horaires peux faire du 20 heure comme du 40 heure et plus aucun boss ou contremaître qui te surveille tu doit géré tout toi même.
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A fun Side-hustle

Although Uber is by far the best side-job you can do. Doordash is not that far behind either. DoorDash is good because you can get an old run down car and just run with it.
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Non productive and unhappy workplace

What is the best part of working at the company?You can set your own schedule What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Waiting at the restaurant's for deliveries and being stuck in slow traffic What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It think it can improve and morale will be better What is a typical day like for you at the company?It's very slow at certain times. Not enough deliveries
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Not worth the driving time

I just drove 2 hours in downtown Toronto in the peak busy area and only got 3 calls despite being a 5star rated driver with 93% acceptance rate and made $22.00!This is definitely not worth my time and gas.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Not enough calls
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Lots of Orders, No set schedule

Clock in during busy times, make money, clock out. Don’t want to work today, the next week, no problem. One of the better casual jobs I had. Fuel efficient car will make you more money.
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Don't make this your sole source of income.

Work times are extremely finicky, if you have free time to book 5 days in advance and get paid 4 dollars for a 14km drive this is the application for you! Seriously, you need to understand your worth and only take orders that are worth it or they'll continously send awful orders because you accepted the last one

Points positifs

Extremely Flexible, Work at your own pace

Points négatifs

Well below minimum wage, no orders for hours, broken application, mediocre driver support
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Great for independently employed

Does not make $23.00hr most deliveries are $4/$5 and you could drive for 20mins at this rate. Time slots for picking schedules are not worth it most are 30mins/1hr lucky if you see a 2hr/3hr time slot.

Points positifs

Pick your hours

Points négatifs

Only get 30mins/1hr time slots and salary rates are poor
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Good if you need flexibility, bad if you want to make money

Every year the base pay gets worse. 3 years ago it was a very good job it was 30$/hour approximately now good luck you can spend most of your day sitting getting little to no order and making less than minimum wage before even accounting for gas
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Not the best way to make money

It will cost you more to do the deliveries than you will make end of the day. Gas is expensive, car maintenance is expensive and orders don't pay you to get ahead of that.- a lot of waiting at the restaurants after 11pm, long long waiting burning gas just to pick a 5 dollar order

Points positifs

you work alone

Points négatifs

you make no money, will cost you more to do the work than you will make
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Busy but hard on vehicle

Great side gig for extra funds and easy to use app. Parking can be an issue and often long wait times for busy restaurants. Easy job but no benefits available. Depending on your zone tips can be great or non-existent. Support quick and easy to respond to any delivery issues. My area has terrible roads so been hard on my car with extra maintenance costs and gas is expensive again so haven't been out much.
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Great way to make money on the side

Great way to make extra money on the side. Only downside is it is not a fixed rate but if you know where to go and how to work efficiently, it is a great job.
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Flexible- enjoyable and productive.

The work type is flexible and at your pace and it is enjoyable. You can choose your schedule and time to work. You have the opportunity to meet people.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

There is a chance you come across difficult people when delivering.
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Good for extra cash

Best not to go full time. Breakfast and lunch times are becoming pointless.Unless yours bills are very affordable, These gig apps are unlikely to keep your bills payed. The cost of gas is out of pocket and single order offers are mostly insulting. They keep hiring everyday and it just seems to get worse.Dont.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

You pay for everything, gas, insurance, car, data
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