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Si vous deviez quitter DoorDash, quelle en serait la raison?

8 réponses

I worked for DoorDash for 11 months I had stellar ratings I did I over 1,000 deliveries and a client called and told them I somehow damaged their property ! They let me go I didn’t even get to see the picture of the so called damage I had none and I know that never happened previously I had fallen at a job because customer had no lights in I hit my head had bleeding on the brain they could have cared less no card nothing

I don't like doordash just wasted my time
I regret worked doordash

One day i will go to the court and i will make case for those who manage them

They don't care our time
one day

I was started 4 pm to 7 pm i got 2 order and i make it 12 dolar each order was 6

It would be because of drop in pay, and, I have noticed quite a drop, lately., I received 3 orders around $4-5 each. Not acceptable. I have to drive to the merchant, and, then, drop customer's order off. Not worth my gas and time. I have been workng part-time for DDash since March, and, have. noticed quite a change in the pay structure, and, also, some customers are not leaving tips. Not looking good these days. Will need to rethink my options.

I left partly cause they don't care about customers or drivers and I detect racism some merchants and customer care.

T they will have to block me! I'm taking my owed Pay out in wasting their time by accepting orders and not doing them.

Their flawed system and lack of $$

You don't make money.

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