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How much would a person make for each delivery

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  • If your lucky with out tip as that is not part of the pay ! Maybe 3 to max $5 which can take uo maybe 25 to 45 min to complete and not garentieed to get another trip for anywhere from 0 min to 30 min most time you sit for 30 before you see another

  • You just make 4 hour 30 dolar it's not fair
    One day i will go court and i will make case

    For the doordash

    I will do that iam sure

  • Sometimes it is in the negative, as they send you to wrong addresses therefore you drive all over for free, and still sometimes not get paid!!!!!!!!!!

  • $5-10/order

  • It depends on the customer.

  • About 15 per hour , you can make 20$ an hour during peak pay

  • 7 dollars plus tips

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  1. How much would a person make for each delivery