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À quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type dans lentreprise?

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  • lots of driving and picking up orders whether its food or misc items like gifts or fromt he mall.

  • Driving around waiting for orders. Can take up an hour for someone to order something.

  • I usually work from 11-6 (my choice) and I use my local library as a home base while working. Around lunch and supper I’ll usually get 3-4 orders each and otherwise I wait at the library or in my car playing games, listening to music, or just waiting. It’s not the best job since pay is really low, but I enjoy driving a lot!

  • Good day

  • It’s on our time management

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  • Je peux livrer où je veux quand je veux je suis libre à 100%

  • au choix

  • Get up like any normal day and see if there’s any shifts open for the day. Short shifts or full day shifts, choose what shift works for my schedule

  • Chill

  • Relax

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  • À quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type dans lentreprise?