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I worked for DoorDash for 11 months I had stellar ratings I did I over 1,000 deliveries and a client called and told them I somehow damaged their property ! They let me go I didn’t even get to see the picture of the so called damage I had none and I know that never happened previously I had fallen at a job because customer had no lights in I hit my head had bleeding on the brain they could have cared less no card nothing
Réponse du 17 septembre 2018
If your lucky with out tip as that is not part of the pay ! Maybe 3 to max $5 which can take uo maybe 25 to 45 min to complete and not garentieed to get another trip for anywhere from 0 min to 30 min most time you sit for 30 before you see another
Réponse du 19 mars 2017
Pay more than $3 base pay for deliveries. When customers receive their order, they should be prompted with a rating option set to 5 stars by default and have the customer change the rating if needed. If an order has been turned down by other drivers, the pay obviously needs to be increased for that delivery.
Réponse du 30 septembre 2018
Good. They offer pay if you get Covid and have to quarantine.
Réponse du 18 mai 2020
Can I work 7 days a week
Posée le 20 novembre 2019
Yes i can work 7 days a week
Réponse du 20 novembre 2019
You get paid per order. They don't care if you are sick.
Réponse du 26 août 2019
You used to be able to work when you want to but not anymore no they ruined that.
Réponse du 19 juin 2019
I can’t see them lasting if they don’t start paying drivers better.
Réponse du 16 juin 2019
Long and boring between command and cheap customer that don't tip
Réponse du 9 juin 2019
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