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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Mauvaise relation entre cadres et employé syndiqué

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Il y a une ambiance très malsaine, de mensonge et la direction crée volontairement des tension entre les employées. L'ambiance, la mentalité et la fierté de travailler chez domtar comme il y avait depuis plusieurs année est disparu. Le sentiment d'appartenance n'existe plus et ces grace au nouveau changement des dernières année dans la direction qui essaie de forcer leur vision daffaire au detriment du bien etre et du respect des employées.

Points positifs

Bon Salaires

Points négatifs

Shift de 12h jour ou nuit en alternance a chaque semaine et jamais la meme horraire
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High stress low appreciation.

Equipment failing plant wide. Can't keep ahead. Serious division between staff and hourly. Safety is a major concern. Reliability upsets process regularly and keeps tensions at the top. Expectations far exceed possible successful completion. Can't ever meet what is expected. Always feel like a failure. Retirees remain forever and have old workstyle mindset and low respect levels.

Points positifs

Paid on time

Points négatifs

Never get away from phone calls and call ins 24/7 never "off-call"
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  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
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  • Absence de stress
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Satisfaction globale

To me its a good place to work

Good place to work,good wages,i have been here for over 20 years i enjoy my job and coworkers ,we have good shifts and bad,probably like most jobs these days
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Decent place to work

It's pretty good wages compared to other jobs in the area, mostly good people to work with. Maintenance and planning could be better, but not the worst I've worked for in that regard.
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Great Company! Supportive team and co-workers.

People are great and supportive, fun place to work, pay is above average, work is fulfilling. Collaborative, outgoing, challenging, and growth promoted.
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Awful place to work

- No employee appreciation - Terrible management - Dangerous - schedule inconsistency (bouncing from crew to crew weekly)- unorganized - smells terrible

Points positifs

- Competitive salary for the area - good group of coworkers

Points négatifs

Just about everything
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Staff turnover is out of control

This mill has one of the worst staff turnover records in the pulp and paper world. Everybody who hires on soon starts developing a exit plan. Would not recommend to anyone in my own family.

Points positifs

A job

Points négatifs

Management is dysfunctional
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bad place to work watch out for you co workers feedback to your boss!

I worked there in the wood room which was great. Then I was to move onto the paper mill part of the plant. But what happened was my next supervisor went ahead and said to all my co workers can you find any info about what my faults are and we will make a profile including all of my faults. This boss basically ruined my life when he went as far as to ask co workers what my faults are and befriended me to achieve this goal. Who the heck would want to work at a place like this. Also at the time of my employment I was told of the faults with other workers. It was very confusing. But the most amazing thing was the bridge that went into the mill was rotted out (iron wise) and they used a block of wood to support the track going over the bridge.

Points positifs

nice breakfasts home made.

Points négatifs

we are out to get you if you do not fit in.
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Vise la perfection... difficile d'être mieux

Très haut rendement autant des employés que des direction assez strictes mais toujours ouvert a des suggestions meilleures... toujours a la recherche des meilleurs façon de faire ... c'est très gros l entreprise et sa vision

Points positifs

Tout employé qui veut monter dans l entreprise aura sa chance....

Points négatifs

C'est trop gros l usine, C'est des dirigeants qui donne les directions au superviseur, et directeur au contre maître a l'employé...
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Great Company

Excellent company with great benefits and support for employees. Good team work, and site safety is taken seriously. Love the department I work in, amazing atmosphere.
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Sad day when they closed

Was able to attain many great friendships, job ethics, and learning experiences. Working at domtar for 19 years, worked many different jobs, gave me the confidante and experience, that I use In everyday life.
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Enjoyable Place to Work

Really enjoyed my time working here and more than happy to do so again. The culture may take some getting used to, but it's constantly growing and evolving. Just don't be one of those people "set in their way" who isn't willing to grow, learn, teach, and adapt.
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Micro management and no trust from the Management

No flexibility in the workplace, if you had a dentist appointment, you'll have to take it from your vacations even if you had sick days. I had to work on New year's day because the computer system was the boss. I was the only one working on that day. The payroll system is very old and no flexibility in the work. They still print paystubs!! In overall, it was not very much fun working at domtar.
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Good people but company moving to USA

Fine people, challenging and interesting work. Upper Management is below average in my opinion. They lack a vision and don’t work well as a team. Would still say a good place to work but they are slowly moving to USA

Points positifs

People, benefits

Points négatifs

Upper management, not a long term career
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Environnement de travail productif et agréable

Excellent, j'ai adoré mon expérience. Une équipe formidable.
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Great place to work !!

My days at Domtar we’re great, the weeks seem to pass like days. They have a great team for support when needed. If you are looking for a job that challenges you and shakes it up day to day opposed to that same old day in and day out, I would recommend a career with them.
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Measured by personal performance

Safety performance review Millwide Environmental Impact review Production review, discussed any break in work required to daily planned schedule Planning and scheduling maintenance work (weekly and shutdown) Very challenging work environment, focused on workplace safety and production requirements
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Dont even bother

managed by someone who nobody there wants to deal with although many complaints have been placed against him.lousy hours, the pay is not competitive at all.

Points positifs

Pension plan

Points négatifs

lousy hours, bad management, low morale
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Provided a good life for me and my family.

Many aspects to a mill environment, I have worked in every dept,mostly I have operated equipment cats,loaders,forklifts, triple axle dump trucks,double axles as well.
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Great place to work

Worked at Domtar Kamloops from April 2019 to August 2019. Enjoyed my time there and management was very supportive and knowledgeable. Company is forward thinking and continues to look for improvement.
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Fun place to work

I have enjoyed my time at Domtar. It has been a great learning experience and I have been able to practice the skills associated with my trade. They have a great pension and benefits package.
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