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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Domino's?

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  • Provide a good air conditioner in the summer and a good oven

  • Actually care about the employee would be a great start stop promoting useless people to management that sit on their phone and do nothing while making the other staff do all the work

  • This place needs a union. Management calls the overnight drivers during the day to yell at them about the night prior. Uh hello, we are sleeping??? When are the overnighters supposed to get some rest? We arent robots. Save it for our next shift. Its pizza... Chill out.

  • I am not leaving dominos . Only I change country because this my dream work in Canada , I am mba candidate.

  • If they offered company cars / greater coverage for employee cars, that would be best without raising wages. Other than that, paying a little more to help drivers break even with vehicle expenses would be a good idea. I left Dominos because the wage was not keeping up with my auto expenses. You put almost 1000k on your vehicle per week (in a small delivery area!) and that causes problems to spring up much faster than casual use.

    Literally had no other issues preventable by management, just wages.

  • Give an exact time of the end of your shift and keep their word to it, because it is not right to say they are leaving at a certain time and then forcing them to stay longer.

  • Pay staff accordingly, don't stick to a pay scale

  • Have sops and a written training structure with clearly defined expectations.

  • Better pay not treat delivery drivers like slaves as per your not only a driver your a janitor dishwasher and taxi service

  • I left do to better paying job up north

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Domino's?