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Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez Domino's?

8 réponses

Why should we hire you?
What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

They ask if you know how to solve customer relation issues
"what would you do if someone came in saying they got the wrong pizza but their order says they got the right pizza. What do you do?"

Give them what they want and something extra ie. a free drink

What my past experience was.
what my abilities are.

Do you drive was the biggest question

What is your pros and cons.

Questions associées (plus de réponses ci-dessous) :

Work experience, personality traits

Can you multi task?
can u stay for long?

and other hygiene and customer service questions.

Situational and behavioural questions are commonly asked questions asked at Domino's.

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