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Travail flexibleJ'apprécie l'entreprise dans son domaine professionnel.
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Soul sucking

Not enough compensation. They make you do lot of extra work sometimes off the clock and expect you to work 7 days as management is required to work at least 50 hours that’s not mention in the contract or job description. They expect you to not take your breaks.

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Easy to get in
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more than just cashing, u do cleaning, moping, sweeping, merchandizing, put backs. its a lot for the pay. also not a lot of hours. the managers are okay, depends on ur team. also new faces every month or so
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Favoritism abounds here

People were nice. Very unprofessional place to work. Manager gets 55 hours a week, Assistant manager gets 45 hours a week, and they both spend more time sitting in the lunch room gossiping and eating.,..every one else gets 20 to 25 hours a week except during the Christmas season.

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Fast paced and productive work environment

I enjoyed my previous experience at Dollarama. It's a physically active job which I prefer. I liked the scheduling as it gave me time in the mornings and evenings to spend with family. I enjoyed the organizing and stock replenishment duties of the job.
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Great co-workers and pretty easy tasks

I worked at a generally busy location which was great because time moved very quickly. Scheduling was inconsistent though making it difficult to plan things ahead of time, the schedule changed almost every week, which some weeks having way shorter hours than some- some weeks I would get 30 hours, some as little as 4 hours
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Nice place to grow

Nice environment great place to grow if you’re looking for stability. Good team spirit and nice energy. Always on the go time pass super fast because we’re always busy
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Fun to work. Great co-workers. Constantly have to brainstorm ideas which keeps the mind active and gives you different perspective on things. Overall an amazing experience
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It's horrible

What is the best part of working at the company?It was one of the worst job I have ever had. The company doesent care at all for the welfare of the staff at all. You could be serously hurt or dead on the floor and the mangers would just kick you to the sideWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Verbally and physically abused by customers.Merchandise thrown at your head, threatened with knives, needles, etcWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Horrific, terrible, treated like dirt,etc What is a typical day like for you at the company?Read all I have written. it's horrible. Terrifying I wouldn't recommend working there at all putting up with the abuse
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Un entreprise à éviter toujours des moment negatif

Même après avoir fait ton travail sais jamais assez et tu te fait crier dessus Se que j'ai apris sais simple je n'y retournerais pu jamais L'aspect le plus agréable sais quand je retourne chez moi

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Yen a pas

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Rien de bon
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Was a good place to work, good compensation, frfiendlyt work environment. Stocking shelves and doing other things as required by managment. Overall gappy
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Overall - Decent First Job

Gave me good conflict resolution skills, lots of turnover with staff, mainly female staff which resulted in drama and gossiping, shifts went by quickly if the store was busy, always something to do especially when on cash
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not too bad overall, consistent income, hours don't change every week. can be tedious however, rude and abusive customers not uncommon unfortunately
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What is the best part of working at the company?Your co workers. Nothing about the company is good What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Everything is stressful, with no appreciation or fair pay
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Fun great

Amazing place to work Just work hard and make your way upYou can excel in this job and position It’s really very nice place to work and have relationships with manager
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Very productive very good coworkers. Very helpful when need assistance

What is the best part of working at the company? Working with really good co workers. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? No stressful. Parts at all. Very positive What is the work environment and culture like at the company? Very positive and very polite What is a typical day like for you at the company? Really good very positive. Friendly.
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Terrible experience and management was rude

Manager at the store I worked at was very rude along with the assistant manager they would consistently not listen to employees, Felt miserable working there.

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Not very many hours
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Dollarama was a good environment and I enjoyed working there and I liked all my fellow co-workers

A typical day at work for me was serving and pleasing customers most of my shift, when I did not have customers I had to make sure the front was all stocked and looked presentable and when that was done and I still did not have customers I would stock candy/snacks, at the end of my shift if I worked closing I would count tills and clean up the store. I believe I learned alot about people and how to handle certain situations, how to deal with money properly, how to work till, and stock shelves, and how to work well with others. I loved the management at my work place, they were nice and always understanding of there workers and taught me very well. Work place culture was good from what I saw, everyone got along with people they worked with. I would say the hardest apart of my job was dealing with rude customers. The biggest thing I enjoyed about my job was seeing my co-workers and seeing smiles on my customers faces and chatting with customers.

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Amazing co workers

Points négatifs

Inpatient customers
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Fun workplace with chance of promotion with hard work

Fun place to work when the other coworkers are fun if not could suck. Learn a lot about merchandising but only if you go out your way to ask to learn.

Points positifs

More relaxed

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Bad Management

Not enough hours split between workers and a lack of miscommunication between manager and I. Unable to respect my availabilities, would make work on days I couldnt work or would not make me work at all and somehow always found a complaint about it.
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The worst place to work at.

Nothing to appreciate here. The management team especially the seniors are the most toughest to work with. It’s better not to have any work rather than having to work for such a company. They have no ethics nor they can do better in future. Being a current employee i advise people never to come and work for such a place.

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