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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Dogtopia?

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I would require GMs and staff to undergo an external review process. some of the management and staff are grossly inadequate at their jobs.

I would fire most of the GMs as apparently they are all more business background educated then dog educated. No empathy. Ignorant and egotistical management. Poor dogs..poor staff

I'd have two canine coaches in one room. It would be great on busy days to clean up after the dogs and prevent serious fights from happening. The second coach can also be in charge of getting things for the room such as buckets, more water, doggy bags, etc. This would allow the rover to focus on the tasks they need to focus on without distractions.

I would hire an extra rover, because having one rover for the entire shift can be extremely stressful for one person to handle. And have the two rovers over lap and help each other out.
And for when it gets too busy, and the rooms have a lot of dogs, there needs to be another person in the room with the canine coach to help keep up with the cleaning, and watching the dogs so there is no altercation.

I would have two rovers working at the same time instead of one, to get the job done in a certain amount of time, or even overlap rovers' schedules with other rovers.

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