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Avis des employés pour Sales Representative chez Dobson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Fiat - Saint John, NB

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Arrive at 8am find out were you are on duty list to watch the show room floor everyone does an hour at a time unless has a client, then moves on to the next consultant on the duty list. Keep up on previous client needs and wants, scheduling appointments. Taking new interested clients out for test drives and present all performance features in a vehicle that suits their needs and wants. Preparing any new sales for delivery making sure they are registered, licensed, clean and had any accessories added such as mud flaps, vent shades, etc. Computer test training on product knowledge and keep up to date on any changes on product or any problems with product. Hardest part of the job was dealing with some of the up and down that come with the business. Not knowing what your paycheck could be week to week is stressful, don't get me wrong it was great making $1500 a week sometimes but the two weeks of not selling and making $150 a week is tough on the mental. Dealing with management overall was just ok, there were defiantly favorites and I was not one of them. I was blattened favoritism to guys that have been there for 5 to 6 years that over that time learned how to stroke the management team just they way they needed to, to receive email leads, house deals, or any other leads the management had but could not handle on their own. In the end I love selling cars, I loved making peoples buying experience a positive non stressful ordeal. My motto was buying a new car should be a happy experience not a stressed one,. one where you feel pressured by a salesman. At the end of the day I knew - plus...
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Having a brand new vehicle all the time
Points négatifs
Long hours and never knowing what you will make week to week. commision based salary
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