Division 15 Mechanical Ltd.
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Avis des employés pour Bim Manager chez Division 15 Mechanical Ltd.

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Bim Manager1 avis
Canada1 avis
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I am extremely fortunate to have started my professional career with a company that values its employees. I have been working with this company for almost 10 years and plan on staying with them long term.

There is opportunity to learn new skills, and professional development is encouraged. Upper management is progressive and open to new ideas. Work-life balance is promote at Division 15. An example would be our summer hours, where we are encouraged to leave early during the summer to enjoy the sun. Of course this is assuming all required work is completed.

The days can be busy/long but variety of interesting work makes the days pass quickly.

The best part of the job is potential for personal growth. Not only have a I learned technical skills, but this position has greatly improved my interpersonal skills as well. It is a position where I will never get bored, and am always feeling engaged.
Points positifs
Interesting work
Points négatifs
Occasional long hours/stress
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