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Fair and respectful employer. Great training opportunity with skilled instructors. If your looking for a part time job this job is great. Driving can be challenging in the winter
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This is a very fun place to work, they have all kinds of events going on.

They teach you everything you need to know. How to drive the bus, student management, Industrial first aid etc. The start times differ from each other. Its a split shift morning and afternoon run. You get paid for 4 hours a day unless your run happens to be longer than that, or you sign up for extra work. There are a lot of different people that work here, most are good, you will always have the odd grump :) . Holidays are the same as the kids would get so winter, spring, summer etc. The office staff and mgt are all awesome!!

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Great job for a semi retired person or a second job.

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It is not a full time job!!
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Clicky, favoritism, cheap,

Watch your back. Employees spread rumors around about everything, and tell lies about others. They are clicky and have there special groups. Management only cares about kissing the school boards but, and don't care about their employees, they pkay favoritism among the drivers. Poor equipment maintainence, poor yard maintainence in the winter time.

Points positifs

Spring break off, christmas break off, summers off.
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I love my job at Diversified Transportation! You create a bond with the children, making them feel comfortable, and always getting to there destination safely, before and after school. The job can be hard when the kids have a fight or argument, while your driving. You learn how to handle the situations calmly, safely, and resolve so there is no further issues in the future. The key I've learned is to listen to the kids, let them take turns telling you about there weekend or evenings, and everyone joins in and we make a big conversations through the ride, hopefully sending them off with a good start to there day, as we, the bus drivers, are one of the first faces they see before they go to school.

Points positifs

Everyday is different

Points négatifs

short hours
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Some good people, lack of direction

I thought the company had potential if it went in the right direction. There is no training or even any grooming for the office positions. You have to fake it to make it as the old saying goes. Advice comes from people that don't want to do the job but have opinions as to what they would do if they wanted those positions. In all, the company needs better structure as to what to do with new employees in regards to their lack of training.

Points positifs

Some great people

Points négatifs

Erratic hours, unskilled drivers, no paid overtime and no training procedures for office staff.
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Good place

the only negative thing about this company, is , at times, poor communication with out of area drivers. Apart from that, it is a good company to work for
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Fun to work for

I picked up and dropped off school children. My work was driving by myself, with communication to dispatch. I also did pre and post trips. The responsibility was on me to deal with the students between home and school, needed to pick your battles wisely.

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Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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This was another good job experiance the training was very intense and extensive

I really liked this job because it was a lot of classroom experience learning how to drive a bus and get a class 2 license

Points positifs

great people

Points négatifs

lots of routes to learn and no gps
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Good Core Value Company

Good work environment, fast paced, and family owned. Some Gaps from CEO (owners vision) to what is being messaged from senior management. Very Safety orientated company, and that was engraved as a daily routine, never asked to make a decision that would jeopardize Safety.
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good training

The company has a good training program. After training you are on the casual spare board with very little work..
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Life as a School Bus Driver.

Into training and post-training escorted with trainer, then start into the driver's office check mailbox, take orders and receive additional information before departing office. Pre-trip bus, drive to initial stop, follow route and stops accurately. Repeat process after drop off at subsequent schools, by possibly beginning second portion of route at next beginning start of the route. Abiding by rules and regulations at all times. Park bus, post-trip check, and repeat during afternoon run with pop by the driver's office, a pre-trip check, and follow through with route's obligations to conclude again at the Diversified Transportation yard with a post-trip and tidy of bus for the next day.I learn routes very well, and how to follow through with rules and regulations.Management has changed since I have been there, but I appreciate their communication and guidance.The co-workers knew their seniority, and worked within their comfort zone; they were all very approachable and understanding with acknowledgement of their experience and seniority.The hardest part of my job earning the trust and respect of my employers and employees.The most enjoyable parts was the work and the children, with an opportunity for charter work and working with great organizations post-school hours.

Points positifs

children are challenge to work with, but the most rewarding experience you will have in your life.

Points négatifs

micro-management, that is now gone; there is just few hours to make money, and it is a long time in a matter of many years to work up seniority to get choice runs'.
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