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4,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Over 9 years I've seen a lot and done a lot. There are a lot of holes in the system. The hardest part of the job is politics and changes that don't make sense but come from power.

Points positifs

Good hours.
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Not a good experience at all

What is the best part of working at the company?Not much good to say really ! Besides Pension and benefits which are both good but not great this board and especially management is terrible What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management is absolutely terrible. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Because of management it’s really is a toxic environmentWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?It is ok. Work is not bad. It’s not too busy or slow.
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Good employees

A very good group of people to work with. The job is rewarding, and it is even better with a good supporting crew. Lots of opportunity for development.
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For the most part my 1st 25 years with the district things went downhill Morale is down and staff respect is little to none

You really need to respect your workers and their ability take care of the students In the best way possible. You don't always care about the kids you say that you do but if it comes to the dollars and sense of things it isn't evident

Points positifs

Summers off

Points négatifs

Having to go on employment insurance every year
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Not a Bad place

Good pay,Good StaffCould not beat the benefitsThis is a very team oriented company, either working at one school or possibly working at many different ones when you first start
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excellent, very busy days, rewarding experience, good work culture, fun working with teenagers, excellent co-workers. Ongoing professional development provided.
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Great place to work

I am very happy here! I enjoy the staff and the admin staff. I like the team atmospheres and being able to coach the older kids sports. I am happy with my evaluation and my evaluator. Over all a great place to work.

Points positifs

Good pay for my position

Points négatifs

It’s only a 10 month contract each year
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Occasional Teacher

Most teachers leave comprehensive lesson plans. The majority of staff are friendly, and if you look for it, you can always find work! Great school board to work for!
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This board couldn’t careless about any of the employees. Staff who get out in Vp and P positions basically have a few board driven classes and all of a sudden claim they can run a school. They can’t! Most in these positions and higher have only ever been with a school board so no real work experience outside of this setting. They couldn’t organize a one car parade. No community, no feeling of support. They should regroup on who should get more pay. It shouldn’t be the people running the show at the board office. Bullies!

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Points négatifs

They promote people who they know will be puppets. No credibility.
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Amazing support staff

Work with a lot of amazing people, always willing help with an issue Supportive if staff and students Can pick what school you want to work at if you are casual if you build good relationships with staff at school always a possibility of a LTO

Points positifs

Friendly helping staff

Points négatifs

Sometimes under staffed
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Relaxed workplace

Great place to work. The staff was very friendly and supportive at the schools I would work at. Students can sometimes be difficult depending on the area you visit.
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School cleaning

Working at DSBN pays my bills, great staff within the schools, supervisors lack communication skills, great atmosphere very caring principals, you have to distance yourself from drama as it will affect you in in every school.

Points positifs

Good wage great benefits

Points négatifs

Takes at least 3 years to get a full time position
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It is not a productive learning environment for some/most teachers and students.

Most of the time, I got half or one day job per week as a daily on-call teacher. Not a good healthy place to work. Not only you know some one, but also who you know.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

A lot
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Good work-life balance as an Occasional Teacher

I enjoy the flexibility of this position, as I have the chance to choose the days I work (given that there are jobs available), the schools I choose to accept jobs at, and I can book days off when I need them. There is very little room for advancement into Long-Term positions, and Permanent will take many, many years within this Board (unless you have your French qualifications). Overall recommend, they are great employers. If you’re looking for Permanent soon, this is not the Board for you.
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Great job 👍👍It is a good company to work for the job is good the people are good and management very nice people I can’t say anything bad about my job at DSBN
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Takes a while to get full time position. But can as a casual cleaner

Once you understand the pace of the job and requirements of the position you will do alright. You must be able to develop and cleaning system that will allow you to clean efficiently. This job is for the motivated and be able to keep up physically in the position.
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Great place to work

Great place to work. Excellent pay. Great hours and benefits. Lots of room to move around. Worked with K-8. Some wonderful people to work with. Wonferful kids.
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Supportive throughout personal decisions with regards to employee health & wellness and career & family life balance. Support from administrators, colleagues & at the board level.
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Always new opportunities to learn as a supply teacher

I enjoy supply teaching within the Niagara District School Board. As a supply teacher, there are some very challenges moments, but everyone is so lovely and is willing to help. I have learned much about myself and the kind of educator I want to be for the next generations to come.
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School Tutor

It was a great contract position pertaining to tutoring I was able to secure as a student. The pay was decent for a student position and I enjoyed going there and interacting with staff and students
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excellent working environment

Over 10 years teaching experience, solid transferable skills in office administration and social services. Trained in Applied analysis to work with children's and youth with autism.
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