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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Dexterra?

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  • Management’s responsibility is to ensure that the assets of the company are employed in the most effective and safe manner, having said that, the first and most important assets are the company’s employees who deliver the best effort to complete any and all tasks safely and effectively. I believe detailed instruction, frontline supervision and above all communication are the proven tools which produce the best results for any company.

  • Fire all management

  • If I were in charge I would never misbehave my workers and treat them equally. Never let them down . Try to make friendly environment . As I am experiencing is miserable thing. I would avoid all these things .

  • Be on time. Make sure you give a customers a good service and be a good team work.

  • I would get rid of all management and office personnel. They have done nothing to improve the operation of this company or learned anything from their past ventures. This company is destined to go into receivership once again.

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  • I would work on getting everyone to live the values of the organization and get everyone to pull their weight. Lots of people right now aren’t doing either and it’s not fair to the ones that are trying to do both.

  • Listen too and engage the staff

  • Bring a union in to try to improve the working conditions for the staff

  • Give a raise on to the hard working staff who work there , they get minimum wage . they are the lowest paying Hotel in the city of Halifax . Benefits , hire more people , more laundry staff are needed , don't have the laundry ready to clean the rooms

  • First I would hire a Government trained cleaner (myself) that can train other cleaners how to steam clean carpets, carpet runners, washrooms, and various black exercise may found in Physiotherapy, and Recreation Center. Give the cleaners the best cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals SDS Approved!! Then hire well trained Supervisor not only trained as a top notch cleaner but also training in I Moral Boosting , Then have site Superintendant and Supervisor present at once a month staff meetings to go over how we can make the buildings better cleaned and bring cleaners ideas to the table free coffee and donuts!!!!

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  1. Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Dexterra?