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Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Delta Hotels?

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I think everyone prepares in their.own certain way. I know when i prepare for an interview i like to do my reseach about the job and what its like as what it offers.

Dress pants, shirt and some nice shoes

Just be yourself, and take the skills that you were taught from whoever taught you them. In my case it was a work placement, I had just finished going through a program that taught me what it means to have a good resume, be a honourable and respectable employee, and what to do and how to prepare for an interview. So just look clean, and prepare for some of the questions basic employers will ask. I went in with confidence and answered all his questions while maintaining eye contact, sat up straight, and was polite. Before you know it he said I would not be a placement but instead a "Direct Hire"; something that made my instructor fairly happy to hear after only trying for two jobs.

Need to start with your previous hands-on work experiences as well as your personalities.

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