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Senior Auditor15 avis
Canada15 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Culture d'entreprise unique, personnels trés disponible est facile d'accés, supervision et collaboration permetant de developper les competences et de former les leaders de demain.

Points positifs

Culture d'entreprise, formation, developpement personnel

Points négatifs

equilibre privée/professionnel difficile a réaliser.
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top-focused organization

pretty boring, repetitive work, partners mostly care about their profits, but if you play your cards right you can get on the right teams & projects to advance your career
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Points forts
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Environnement inclusif
Points à améliorer
  • Absence de stress
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Sentiment de bonheur au travail

Learning Ground

- Obviously a learning ground. - Chance to grow faster. - Gained lots of diversified experience - Coach is assigned to support you - Lots of stress - No work life balance - Working with different managers backfires as each manager style is different and one may end up getting a bad feedback because of this or the credit of your work being taken by the manager. - Sometimes experiences favoritism with your hard work going unnoticed
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The local office overhired based on expected business growth and ended shedding bodies, which was hard for culture. I learned a lot, I worked a lot but in the end I did not want to be a partner. Some partners were much better than others so I imagine the experience is very variable.
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Good team members

Deloitte is such a great place to work, I enjoyed my stay at the place. The staff are great and are very supportive. There is also flexible working hour and weekly team outing

Points positifs

Flexible working hour

Points négatifs

Lack of proper feedback session
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Terrible work life balance

Terrible work life balance and terrible performance rewards. Good office Too many late nights. Management expects to work 24/7 and employees don't really have any personal life.
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Great people to work with along with work life balance

It was a delight to work for Deloitte as it provides you with great opportunities and helps you build yourself as a person both personally and professionally.
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Work hard, Play hard

My time at Deloitte allowed me to grow into a better leader and a better worker. You'll quickly learn to ask for what you want and to develop the skills necessary to excel in life. It quickly becomes imperative that if you don't ask, you'll get stuck in whatever roll the person who had the nerve to ask didn't want.
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Alot of opportunity to learn new skills

Fast learning experience, good place to start your career, easy to meet new people and expand your network, dynamic team environment, smart people to work with.

Points négatifs

Pay is okay at the beginning, but goes up too slow. Hard to balance work/life. Long working hours with tight deadlines.
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Auditor with 4 years of experience

Years of multi national experience in auditing in big four companies. In depth knowledge of auditing practices and accounting principles followed. ...
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Good experience but at a price

Working at Deloitte will provide lots of exposure to various clients, industries, breadth and depth of work but expectation is to put in long days, nights and weekends which means that soon enough the work/life balance is ruined. People stay for as long as they need to, but some who are capable and willing stick it out and are rewarded in the form of inadequate pay until they become manager/senior manager/partner if ever.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Work-life balance
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A great place for work/ life balance

Winnipeg was a great office environment. The staff was very welcoming and friendly which made the transition to live in a new country a lot easier. A strong team environment made the long hours bearable and was fun working in a close knit team.

Points positifs

Etreamely friendly culture, growthy opportunities

Points négatifs

Long hours, harsh winter climate
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Know what to expect

Getting your CPA designation is supposed to be tough but an opportunity to prove yourself. Deloitte has a wealth of clients that keeps employees super busy and on the go. Don't go in expecting 40 hour weeks and great pay, but expect to go in and work hard, learn a lot and meet great people.

Points positifs

Systematic annual promotions

Points négatifs

Long hours, low starting salary, minimal scheduling flexibility
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Good learning

Lots of learning. Management can be biased towards certain people.

Points positifs

Learning opportunities.

Points négatifs

Management not human.
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At Deloitte I have learnt significantly about internal controls, audit of public companies, and teamwork

Deloitte has provided me a great opportunity to apply my past knowledge and learn from new issues in the engagement. My mangerrial skills has signficantly imporved as we were a team of 20 auditors.

Points positifs

great working experience

Points négatifs

long hours
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