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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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C'est un environnement parfait pour les professionnels qui carburent aux défis. Vous allez côtoyer des esprits ingénieux et utilisant une grande rigueur et discipline de travail.

Points positifs

Promotion rapide

Points négatifs

Deadlines très courts lors de livraison
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Cool company to work for; they have a lot of benefits but overall I wish the salary was better. Things are pretty relaxed in my department but I know it is not the case for others .
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Points forts
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Environnement inclusif
Points à améliorer
  • Absence de stress
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Sentiment de bonheur au travail

Good place to learn

Great place for a student or new grad to gain exposure to accounting and working in a fast paced environment. Busy season can be stressful and hours can be long, but you will develop skills and make good networking contacts for the future.
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Can be great, depends on the department/manager

Deloitte has a lot to offer and plenty of room for growth if you’re in the right department and have the right Manager. In some branches of business, you will hardly ever get ahead and you will be grossly underpaid (as in not even within the pay range for the position/band). Some Managers build teams on foundations of toxic positivity, and some truly care/have your back and want to see you grow within the firm.I encourage anyone to join the firm, but not drink the Kool-aid. If you can find better salary elsewhere, jump ship and keep good ties for the future. Looking out for your best interests is where it’s at.

Points positifs

Great benefits, great image/brand

Points négatifs

Some toxic management, Too much woke culture
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Very busy, good benefits

Very busy job with high turnover. Extra time off has been given recently to counteract burnout and respond to the competitive market. Very different experience in different departments. High expectations and pressure.
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Decent pay, depends on your team but culture can be good or bad.

Decent pay but depends on your team if the culture is good. Offices are nice and management is usually the partner of your team so it all depends on your partner.
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Average place to work, could be better and could be worse. If your willing to do your time it will likely work out for you. Can be unorganized when times get busy.
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Good place to work for new graduates but not necessarily for experienced.

Similar to other big-4, it’s a good place for new graduates to learn and grow, but not necessarily good if you have lots of experience. It will have more flexibility of work, but it’s also hard to find life-work boundaries.

Points positifs

Flexible work arrangements

Points négatifs

No clear Work-life boundary
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Not really enjoyed the Job

I do not really enjoy the job.I feel like you have to always reach out for projects to be handed to you.Not a good learning place for me.Nonetheless, the people there are great
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Great company

Very excited culture and people from different background and life story, it's a very busy job but there are always people to help you and have your back if you are a good communicator and good collaborator

Points positifs

exposure to great companies and projects

Points négatifs

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Fun workplace

Good Learning opportunities.Chance to work on projects involved in latest technologySupportive leadership and partners reachable very easily.Ample trainings to learn new skills.Many parties, social events.
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great company culture

Being a large organization, there are a lot of channels to get most things done. I love the culture, Everyone is so supportive because thats the culture they focus on building. Collaboration is key. and they focus on giving their employees extra time off to focus on family.
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If you are not manager or above, you are nothing

The salaries are low, there are a lot of politics involved in every decision.The amount of work is insane They try to keep you from moving to another company promising you a better salary in the next fiscal year. But the better salary is nothing compared what you can get somewhere else.Managers and above receive good bonus tho
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Supportive team who wants to help you succeed and develop

Co-workers were very supportive, received technical training and mentorship, performance feedback. Very fast paced environment, multi-tasking on multiple projects, diverse exposure to clients and different businesses.
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Fantastic place to work

I am so thankful for my team at Deloitte. While the company is large, I never feel like a number - I feel appreciated, supported, and respected by my teammates. I LOVE the coaching model at the company.
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Stay. Away

Politics takes priority over quality of work. Project leads does not listen to their staff nor they provide an opportunity to implement or improve the way things are done. They run project having a different ideas and motive. It's like a doing a school project. They don't do adhere in an industry best practice level. Leads implement rules and process to prove something, mostly to satisfy their egoi.
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Great exposure to varied work. Of course WLB is not so great, given the consulting culture, although they have been working on it off late

Great exposure to varied work. Long hours. Work life balance is not great given the consulting culture, although they have been working on it off late with personal days and additional time to take break and recharge. Compensation can be a lot better.

Points positifs

Varied work and exposure. Training and development opportunities are top notch

Points négatifs

Long hours and stressful lifestyle. Compensation is not so great.
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Work is well defined. Benefits are decent but base pay scale is uncompetitive.

The work environment is challenging enough with good amount of support from colleagues and management. The real problem however is the poor salary bands which is terrible compared to market values. Deloitte has always been on the low end for many years.
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Great company with a clear direction

One of the best employers in Canada.This is one company where you are free to be innovative without any fear of being made a scapegoat.Managing a team of superstars and having a good support system makes life easy as a leader

Points positifs

Great people and management. I managed a super team
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top-focused organization

pretty boring, repetitive work, partners mostly care about their profits, but if you play your cards right you can get on the right teams & projects to advance your career
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Great place to work

Great place to work with great coworkers. Lots of room to advance your career. Fast paced environment where your contributions are encouraged. Recommend to anyone.
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