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Ambitious General Contracting Company

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Overall working with Delnor Construction has been a good experience. There are lots of hours available and the pay is decent. If you have industry experience, a good work ethic and some people skills you will advance quickly here.
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Stressful and Competitive Environment

Delnor started off as a great place to work. You soon come to realize favouritism and nepotism are a huge factor in the stressful and non supportive work environment. The pay was okay but not balanced with the rest of the industry and the antics of management became unbelievable. The culture is toxic and only as good as you want to play robot to your supervisor. Certain managers are well below professional level and no proper HR would allow for the things said and done.
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The world owes you nothing, Take what you can get and work hard for it always.

Long Term Employee, Career advancement is pretty easy if you are driven and good at what you do. Most people have the wrong opinion of what it is to work for a prime contractor. Here is what they think, Apprenticeship learning sound fundamental skills by way of doing and learning from an experienced Tradesmen. The reality, doing work that isn't contracted out ( Hoardings, parapets, AVB, Grouting columns the typical GC life) the method of learning by watching contractors complete their scope and seeing construction projects from start to finish by being paid competitively for skills they don't have or need to posses. Career Advancement? Absolutely if you are a capable and competent tradesmen you can move from carpenter to Forman and up fairly easily. Sometimes jobs go sideways and that can suck but that is anywhere usually the comradery makes up for the painful site conditions- scope or Management/ Subtrades.Layoffs? Never heard of them.. If you get laid off from a construction company that is busy year round it is likely due to lack of skills, Ambition or having a cancerous attitude. Typically the people that think they are being under valued are in actuality being paid above and beyond their production and skill level. Delnor is a medium size company that has small company Values. Anyone in upper management can be approached for a conversation by the lowest level employee that has not changed.

Points positifs

pizza lunch / food truck are common events, The jobs can be unique and challenging. Working for Delnor, Especially in a leadership role will give you a great Resume / portfolio

Points négatifs

Days can get long and tiresome based off the project - manpower requirements
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Treated like a criminal

At the start I thought Delnor really had it together. Wages aren’t competitive at all. Management are super rude. My boss and HR treated me like a criminal when I gave my notice. Very degrading. Wouldn’t recommend.
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Stressful and unorganized

Worst HR ever. Never on your side. Never appreciate your hard work. Unorganized and unaware of workers potentials. Send guys to site without knowledge.
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Busy company when contracts are available

Was hired with government contracts in the works. When the government contracts were cancelled, employment was spread through the company as much as possible. When work was no longer available, layoffs were encountered.
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Good company with a great field team.

Delnor is a well established construction management company. They deal in institutional, commercial and industrial segments of the business. Lately they have made upper management changes that haven't had the opportunity to bear fruit.

Points positifs

good company team

Points négatifs

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Great Work Projects

I really enjoyed my time with Delnor. I was a part of a couple of great teams placed at the U of A, Mazankowski, Cross Cancer and the Misericordia hospital. We worked on some amazing projects. It was hard work but very rewarding end results. Management was easy to talk to, my teams easy to work with and the sub trades were compliant with all my site specific safety requirements.
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Lack of management

Clueless management, always doing things twice. Zero safety, they want you to fill out the safety cards but only on your time like break or lunch. They dont take it serious

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Every experience was a bad one.
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Don’t waste your time with delnor. Management are a bunch of liars and do not care about employees. Work is not fulfilling, basically a glorified labourer.
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Terrible Company

Hostile working environments, preferential treatment and nepotism plague this company. They do not offer any sort of career advancement opportunities. They have you predisposed as one thing only from the time of your interview. It is poorly managed from top to bottom and apprentices have zero opportunities to learn new skills and hone existing ones. I do not recommend anyone work for Delnor Construction.
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This company thrives on smaller commercial projects

I worked for this company for over 5 years. They provided me with advancement, but there was not formal training for the position I advanced to. Things did not go well, but they were able to retain me on my previous position rather than terminating my employment. They have very fast paced environments, and some sites that were very specialized and quite unusual - laboratory, research, and healthcare facilities. I had difficulty with what I perceived to be a lack of organization on the part of some of their superintendents, but in retrospect, I may have been to harsh. They were always able to get enough work to keep me working regularly through all seasons.

Points positifs

Steady employment and fast pace

Points négatifs

General Contractor work scope is limited, so not as much carpentry experience
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Bad experience, very little positive for me to say!

A carpenter's position is that of a glorified laborer. Demolition, concrete, hoardings, etc. Not a lot of opportunities for a carpenter to really use their skills if they have experience and enjoy using it. The guy in charge of field staff is a military wannabe with no P.R. skills what so ever. During my years at Delnor, many dedicated and skilled carpenters quit because of having to deal with this guy. Between the favoritism and total lack of respect he shows the guys in the trenches, best bet is to try and have as little to do with him as possible! Job security is for those who suck up to the right superintendent (or Field Supervisor). If you have any self respect and stand up for yourself when being taken advantage of or mistreated, they will punt you in a heartbeat, with zero notice. So be prepared to take it you-know-where or move on. Met some good guys in the field, but how some are holding supervisor rolls is mind numbing! The culture is so-so, depending on the site and the Super. Work/life balance - flexible when needing personal time; appointments, etc. Safety is high priority, which is great, but hard to turn a blind eye when the Super lets clients cruise through work areas without any P.P.E. Some guys are happy there, as for me - lousy experience! I am embarrassed to have to put them on my resume!

Points positifs

Pay was decent.

Points négatifs

Management, Field Super., favoritsm, lack of respect.
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Excellent employee relations.

Great Company to work for. Opportunity to work varied Commercial Construction projects; from small to large. Felt fully supported by Management and enjoyed my time with the Company.
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Micro Management

I learned a great deal. You had flexibility in your schedule if you needed it Edmonton head office trying to make Calgary another Edmonton - doesn't work

Points positifs

PMs and PCs are fabulous

Points négatifs

Accounting Dept penny pinches
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Interesting place to work

I found the company fun to work for when first hired. There have been changes in ownership in last year and it is not the same culture. A Typical day at work would consist of a small safety mtg and then a schedule of work to be completed for that day.

Points positifs

Able to work out of town

Points négatifs

No salary review in last 4 years
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slow paced

I was doing a lot of work in hospitals (U of A), cross cancer institute, and on the UofA campus.Be prepared to work around other trades and the public, so good behavior and a good attitude is a must.
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Great people in Calgary

When I started here it was great, good people in Calgary . The buckets are very tight and does not allow for site help. The COO from Edmonton is a control freak. However the staff in Calgary seam to operate ok with his enfluence . Jobs were varied and interesting. The pay was mid range and possible to increase. They seamed to go through a lot of people and a lot of superintendents came and went. They don’t define what a labourer or carpenters helper really is.!! And they move them around way to much!!! The people who hired me already moved on do to lack of jobs and budget .!!

Points positifs

Good people

Points négatifs

Edmonton should leave Calgary alone to do there own thing.
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Good place to learn

Great place to start out, or to make a career for ones self. The wages weren't that competitive, and the not having overtime was a deciding factor when I left
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Productive and Enjoyable Workplace

The employees are given the tools and direction required to effectively complete job tasks and there is certainly room for advancement for those dedicated and focused on maintaining safe and quality work.
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Excellent company .

I worked for this company on 6 different projects under 3 different superintendants ..had no problem s working with any. a solid company with a dedicated to success team . Happy to have an employee and would do so again ..

Points positifs

good working hours with accommodation for appointments etc

Points négatifs

jobs ended..
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