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I know what you're thinking: "that title sounds overdramatic!"Maybe it is, in a general sense. For me, it's the honest truth. My life would be in a very different place right now, had I not strolled through the doors of dbrand HQ one evening for a job interview.I don't just mean this in a banal "I'd be spending 1/3rd of my weekday existence in a different room" sense. I mean I'd be on a completely different (and definitely worse) career trajectory, with way fewer notches of experience on my belt, dramatically reduced stake in the success of my company, AND I'd be spending 1/3rd of my weekday existence in a different room... with far less interesting people.Simply put, dbrand provides a work environment where anyone can succeed, thrive, and grow - as long as they've got the grit, determination, and smarts to pull it off.If you consider yourself intelligent, agile, flexible, hardworking and multi-talented, the best work of your life is just an application and an interview away.If you're merely coasting on the length of your resume, or just looking to collect your next paycheque, you won't last a week.Putting this whole weird self-help motivational speaker spiel aside, it's also a ton of fun, as long as you gel with the culture.If I had a time machine I could use to fix all of my past mistakes, I'd make sure to leave intact all of the mistakes that indirectly led to me working at dbrand.
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