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IMO this company currently strikes a perfect balance between startup and established company. It still has the growth potential many startups have and is young enough to allow anyone who's motivated to get involved and make a difference. At the same time it's mature enough to have established structure, processes, and guidelines, but is not yet so old as to be bogged down by bureaucracy or long-standing opinions.If I had to pick the one thing that stands out to me the most when working with this company, it's the unique culture and mindset present in my colleagues. It's the kind of culture that aspires you to be involved and grow with every challenge, and the kind of mindset that allows you to be open and candid with anyone across the company, regardless of role, age, or background.Personally I find a lot of smaller things to be grateful for, too. Whenever I hear a friend at another company complain about either one of their colleagues, a project, or a certain "established way of things", I can't help but wonder why they can't "just" be candid with their colleague, ask for guidance from HR or their manager, or openly challenge the status-quo, all of which seem natural and part of the culture here.Needless to say, not everything is perfect either. Expectations are always high, there are still lots of things that need to be improved (especially planning), and many challenges will require putting in some extra time and effort. If you just seek a 9-5 job where you can do your own thing and be done afterwards, this is not it.During my time at dbrand I got to witness tremendous - plus...
Points positifs
High growth potential, fun colleagues, exciting challenges, flexible hours
Points négatifs
High expectations, occasional tight deadlines
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