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Promo Sales Representative in Mississauga, ON
le 2 août 2020
A fun competitive place to work
It was a fun place to work with opportunities for advancement. the people are down to earth and same with the bosses running the warehouse. Everyone got along in my opinion
Inventory Specialist in Mississauga, ON
le 7 mars 2021
Productive, clean and good environment to work
Dbrand is a well known company, those who choose to work with this company; rest assured that you will have a steady employment opportunities. It is a good environment to work with. Great and helpful colleague.
Marketing in Mississauga, ON
le 18 janvier 2021
This place is never boring
It's an amazing feeling to be a part of a company that is admired and envied by it's peers.There are challenges and some tight deadlines to stay ahead of the industry's pace, but this just drives the energy and creativity. The payoff is a rewarding sense of accomplishment - seeing the impact of your (and the company's) contributions in near real-time.dbrand thrives on creating experiences for customers and fans, and then challenging ourselves to be more interesting, more remarkable, and to get bigger reactions. It's what happens above and beyond the product and delivery that make working here unlike anywhere else.
Customer Experience Representative in Toronto, ON
le 11 janvier 2021
Great Culture, and Encouraging Workplace.
This isn't your typical clock-in and clock-out job. It extends a bit beyond that. From the moment I started, I was encouraged to do my best. The mentality, or culture, I felt was that your mistakes don't define you, the resolutions you find to correct your errors do. When I stepped in the door, on my first day, I felt welcomed by not only my team, but the rest of the company as well. That's not to say there wasn't tough days, or issues that needed additional assistance in tackling, but I never felt like I was on my own. There was a sense of community, and comradery, that I've not felt at many other workplaces. There's a reason why dbrand's motto is "it's not a product, it's a culture." If you're hard-working, and like challenges, I can't recommend this place enough. I was incredibly thankful for my time here, and am glad to have learned from such a great group of people.I will be honest though, if you're easily flustered, and don't respond well to constructive criticism, you'll likely have a less-than-pleasant experience. The industry is fast-paced and unforgiving at times, and you need to know how to roll with the punches.
Manufacturing Specialist in Mississauga, ON
le 19 décembre 2020
Seems like a good place at first.
You walk into the building on your first day and you think that the workplace is amazing; everything seems to be running smoothly, everybody seems to be nice, the work seems like a good balance. Give it about 3 months, after that things start going downhill. You will start getting more and more responsibilities without any extra compensation, and if you make a mistake they make it seem like the end of the world. The owner and CEO is known to come down and scream in employees faces, or say entirely inappropriate things to employees upon making mistakes. You are made to feel like you have to work ridiculous hours once you have any bit of responsibility at the company, sometimes going past 18-20 hours in one shift. The managers tend to favour family over current employees, and even terminating employees for family members to replace them. If you end up being terminated and you think that it is done there, think again. They will try to find hours that you "owe them" and then all of a sudden any small bit of severance you are given seems to just disappear.

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I experienced three interviews, from one-on-one's to boardroom panel style. 1. Phone Call 2. Video 1:1 (covid-restrictions) 3. Video 3:1 (covid-restrictions) The questions they asked pertained to my experiences, and hypothetical situations. I also was required to answer questions in my own time to gauge my responses to certain problems.

Publié le 11 janvier 2021

- Technical assessment - Cultural/mindset fit - Previous experience and aspirational career path

Publié le 7 octobre 2020

My interview process was informal. Asked me about my past experience, and dug into parts that they wanted to know more about.

Publié le 25 août 2020