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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Day & Ross?

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You're away from your family for days at a time living in a truck, a driver is always the last to be considered. The driver is the backbone of the company. Pay them for that . The driver is the one making the biggest sacrifice for the company, take care of the drivers and they will line up at the door for an opportunity to work for you. That applies to all trucking companies.

Clean out the Moncton office. My experience here really did a number on my well being and believe major changes should be made. I would not reccomend this employer to my worst enemy

Stop giving employees cell phone and tablets out of office hours!!!!

Find new managers who know how to respect the employees

Employees are encouraged to bring forth any concerns immediately and the door of management is always open. One-on-one sit down conversations do not have to be initiated by a manager or supervisor.

Sit down an have a one on one and come up with a improvement plan

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