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nice first job

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Its a good experience if its your first job.It was stressful sometimes
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terrible work environments

when i called in sick they told me no and i had to come in sick. there has been multiple incidents that happen at dq. they had a broken toilet for months there and it took them almost a year to fully fix the toilet. managers there never come in but expect teenagers to run the store. would not recommend working at this location. The job it’s self is easy but the stress they put on you here is way too much. i covered so many doubles in the summer and they still can’t respect when i need to take the day off because i’m throwing up.

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easy work

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Friendly place to work

Great place to work. Staff was helpful and training is great. Lots to learn and great leaders. Happy to be here. Schedules are great. Very hands on and helpful
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Great Co-Workers and Flexibility but Management is not it

I absolutely love my co-workers and the flexibility this job gives me. However, they do not offer many promotions or significant raises even after many years in the position. We also used to have great management in our store but that changed and now the management is subpar.
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decent place to work for someone in high school

it's a decent place to work for someone in high school looking for a part time job, but like most fast food places, i wouldn't recommend it for anyone else unless you're desperate for a job.
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great job for students, and fulltime workers.

very pleasant work environment, friendly staff. opportunity for advancement.. dedicated to working around student who are in school. they offer a scholorship program .
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Great for a first job

Every location would probably be different as the experience depends on the owners and manager. But the job itself was fun to do. Initially it can be overwhelming especially when there are many customers, but after some time you start to remember the recipes and can work fast. It was surprisingly physical as well. You are on your feet most of the time and are moving about the restaurant. You also help to cleanup at the end of the shift. Overall, a good job to have if you are looking for a part time job, or a job where you can interact with people.
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Nice coworkers but bad management

The coworkers were amazing and made my shifts so much fun but the management was terrible and it made it hard to make plans with friends since the schedule was given last minute.

Points positifs

Nice atmosphere

Points négatifs

Poor management
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Hectic workplace with a lot of stress for little gain

The work itself was stressful, customers horrendous, but the management and other employees were excellent to work with. A really fun work culture dominated by a need to always be working under pressure while being stared at by customers as you make them their food/ice cream.
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The DQ I worked at was awesome.

I worked for a really good owner.A typical day is serving customers in a timely manner—in fast pace environment.Hardest part of job is the repetitive motion of blending blizzards and heavy lifting.
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Okay place to work

Okay, a place to work for teenagers. The work environment could be better. Get to learn customer service skills and make ice cream which is fun. Would get difficult due to how busy it is.
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Working here was a blast

I worked at DQ for a few years, and while I did it was amazing. The management and staff are super friendly, working shifts here is always fun and exciting. It can be stressful at times if its busy but thats part of the job and everyone works together to finish what needs to be done. Work schedule here is very flexible, the management is open to you working different hours that accomodate you more. I can't speak on benefits because I was only part time but I enjoyed my time working here more than any other job I've had.

Points positifs

Discount on food/ice-cream

Points négatifs

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Bad assistant manager however owner is considerate and caring

Good place to work other than assistant manager and compensation. Very good atmosphere and great co workers, overall a good place to work and great food
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Very dirty

The stench of sweat the second I came in was appalling. They didn't care for hygiene at all and it didn't make me want to touch a single thing. When I got there for my first day of work the manager found some random employee to train me for a couple of minutes then left me to basically fend for myself. At my specific location, the cash registers were awfully old and outdated. I wouldn't recommend working at dairy queen for anyone unless I hated them.

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The people were nice

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Terrible management.

Worked here for almost 9 months and I have never experienced management this poor. Very upsetting. Long hours, no overtime pay, understaffed, and horrible scheduling.

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If you have any health issues

Worst place I’ve worked as a diabetic and this is for one DQ location in Orleans st.Joseph ontario, let me go due to slow movement in some work days, I get low and high blood sugar and can’t constantly keep going when my sugar is at 2.3 I could collapse on the floor.I’ve never worked in such a damaged work environment wouldn’t wish it on anyone that has issues of their own even mental health issues. I wouldn’t recommend this job they don’t care and they won’t compromise for health reason.
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Poor Management

The management at this Dairy Queen is extremely poor. If management decides they do not like you, there will be no advancement opportunities, major gossiping and terrible pay. The owner is completely unaware of how poorly it is being run. I did not feel secure in my job and was constantly stressed that one wrong move would lead to my termination. I also constantly worried that I was being gossiped about as I overheard employees being talked about behind their backs. Current and Ex-employees are constantly gossiped about by management. I would not recommend working at this location.
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This place should be a last resort to work at.

I’ve worked here for close to a year now, the management is terrible. There is no overtime pay, the pay you get is significantly less compared to rival restaurants for the same position. You should not work here unless it is genuinely a last resort for you.
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It’s alright

For the pay, it is not worth it. Co workers are lovely to work with and were all very helpful. Mild favouritism within the workplace but not too bad overall. Supervisors were nice a majority of the time. I did not like how they would always cut our shifts. Hours are very little.
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I did not enjoy working here because management was a mess and was a very unclean environment. Customers were also quite negative. I worked hard while other employees sat around and were praised due to favouritism.
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Cliquey high school environment

They hire mostly teenagers, so if you weren't/aren't one of the "cool" kids, prepare to suffer. Managers aren't older than about 25 but have spent so long there they act about 15. Be prepared to be told to get to work every 10 mins while everyone else chats in the back. Don't be surprised if one grabs you by the back of your uniform and yanks you out of the drive through window. Caution advised.

Points positifs

Making ice cream is fun

Points négatifs

Management, supervisors, environment, management, management, managemen
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